North Central College - Naperville, IL

Club Calendar

Winter Term Meetings and Events

April 3 - International Club Meeting                           6-7 PM    Upper WAC, Fireside Lounge

April 13- International Pancake Breakfast               9 AM-1 PM  United Methodist Church

April 17- International Club meeting                         6-7 PM     President Hammond's Home

April 24- Irish Fest                                                        6-8 PM    Upper White Activities Center

April 29- Intl. Lunch at Tabor Hills                             10 AM -4 PM Tabor Hills

May 1- International Club Meeting                              6- 7 PM  Upper WAC, Fireside Lounge

May 9- Student Organization Showcase                   9 AM-10 AM  Wentz Concert Hall

May 15- International Club Meeting                            6-7 PM  Upper WAC, Fireside Lounge

May 17- Six Flags Great America                               10 AM-5 PM  Meet at ABE House

June 5- Going Away Party                                             5 PM-7 PM  ABE House


Intercultural Understanding Retreat to William's Bay, WI