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Academics Abroad

North Central College expects all students to be fully engaged in their study abroad program. Attendance at class sessions and course-related events is expected and will be enforced by the host institution and faculty overseas, and the Office of International Programs.


Courses and Credit

Students pariticipating in an NCC group, direct enrollment or exchange program earn North Central College credit when studying abroad -- not transfer credit. Prior to enrolling in classes at their host institution, students are required to complete the NCC Pre-Study Abroad Credit Transfer Approval Form and have it signed by their academic advisor. When an academic advisor signs off on this form, it means the student has reviewed their plan to study abroad, the courses they intend to take abroad, and that the advisors has discussed with the student how studying abroad will fit in with his/hers academic plan and degree requirements.

Courses taken abroad cannot be completed as pass/fail.

All course taken abroad affect student's GPA.


Course Grades on Merlin Student Account

Upon return from studying abroad, there can/will be a long (2-6 month) wait for North Central College to receive students' academic transcripts from their overseas host institution. As soon as the Office of International Programs has received the student's transcript, we will notify the student with their next steps in order for their grades to be processed and reflected on their Merlin account.


Academic Challenges and Accommodations Abroad

Students should expect there to be a difference in academics (i.e. professors, learning tools, classroom atmosphere) abroad compared to what they are used to in the States. While it is sometimes difficult to fully prepare for this change in academic experience, students are highly encouraged to contact their mentors for tips and advice on the differences their mentor experienced when they were abroad. Of course, the Office of International Programs is always here to help explain  the challenges students may encounter with academics abroad, but sometimes hearing what the differences are from a past student is even better. Also, our host institutions/programs usually have similar academic support services (e.g. tutor, writing center) to North Central College; however, these services may not be identical. Should students require any sort of academic accommodation, they must communicate this with a study abroad advisor so these accommodations can try and be arranged prior to the student's arrival abroad.





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