North Central College - Naperville, IL

First Assignments


Winter 2015 Information Letter


2015 Winter Term First Assignments for
Once a Week Graduate and Undergraduate  Courses

Classes begin Monday, January 5, 2015 
Room Assignments are listed in Merlin.


Section Name Short Title
ACC*310*1 Accounting Information Systems
ACC*431*1 Taxes II
ACC*490*1 Seminar: Financial Accounting
ACC*502*1 Managerial Accounting
ACC*531*1 Taxes II
ACC*590*1 Seminar: Financial Accounting
ART*276*1 Art History III
BUS*162*2 Management of Organizations
BUS*372*1 Consumer Behavior
BUS*378*1 Sales & Sales Management
BUS*384*1 Human Resource Management
BUS*455*1 Promotional Strategy
BUS*460*1 Management Information Systems
BUS*470*1 Marketing Management
BUS*488*1 International Marketing
BUS*495*1 Business Plan Development
BUS*641*1 Econometric Appl for Business
CSC*560*1 Database Systems
ECN*423*2 Intermediate Microeconomics
ECN*500*1 Principles of Economics
EDN*338*1 Secondary Art Methods
EDN*340*1 Techniques in Sec Ed - English
EDN*342*1 Elem/Sec School Foreign Lang
EDN*344*1 Techniques in Sec Ed-Math
EDN*346*1 Techniques in Sec Ed-Science
EDN*348*1 Techniques in Sec Ed- Soc Stds
EDN*372*1 Writing As Related to Reading
EDN*385*1 Assmnt of the Esl/Biling Stdnt
EDN*386*1 Methods/Materials for Eng Lang
EDN*430*1 Stdnts w/ Hgh Incidence Disab
EDN*533*1 Fndtns of Curriculum & Instruc
EDN*562*1 Readng Assessmt Tools&Strateg
EDN*610*1 School Operations & Management
EDN*630*1 Schools As Learning Commun
EDN*691*1 Educ Leadership Intern II
ENG*340*1 Global Films
FIN*350*2 Corporate Finance
FIN*425*1 Financial Institutions
FIN*550*1 Financial Management
FIN*685*1 International Finance
HST*348*1 Age of Discovery: Europe
LEV*230*3 Conflict Resolution
MGT*645*1 Organztn'l Ldrshp & Grp Perf
MGT*675*1 Strategic Management
MGT*692*1 Special Topics
MIS*510*1 Information Management
MKT*688*1 Int'l Marketing & Exporting
MLD*545*1 Ethical Challenges Leadership
MLD*545*2 Ethical Challenges Leadership
MLD*558*1 Conflict Resolution
MLD*624*1 College Student Development
MLD*628*1 The Science of Sport
MLD*683*1 Leadership Social Chng/Renewal
MLD*697*1 Leadership Studies Capstone
MLS*506*1 Ethics in Contexts
MLS*540*1 Writing Life Stories
MLS*612*1 Chg Concepts Earth & Its Life
PSC*231*1 Mock Trial II: Comp Practicum
PSC*313*1 Politics - Race, Gender, Class
REL*280*1 Islam and the Middle East
SOA*380*2 Social Class in Amer Society
SPC*185*2 Mass Media & Society
SPC*317*2 Intercultural Communication