North Central College - Naperville, IL

Committee Membership

The Committee will consist of five faculty members to be appointed by the Dean of the Faculty (including a Committee Chair), and the Special Assistant to the President (e.g., Richard Wilders), for a total of six voting members. The Dean of the Faculty will also appoint a representative of the Dean as a non-voting ex-officio member of the Committee. The Dean will ensure that the Committee includes at least one faculty member representing each of the following areas: social sciences, the natural sciences, ethics, law, and humanities. All faculty appointments will be for a three year period, and, to provide continuity, faculty members will serve overlapping terms. Other considerations recommended by §46.107 of the CFR (such as gender distribution) will be taken into account by the Dean in these appointments.

Current Committee membership is as follows.
Jennifer Keys (Chairperson; Humanities), x5313
David Fisher (Ethics), x5337
Matthew Krystal (Social Science)  X5309
Tom Sawyer (Science)  x5330
Jonathan Pickering (Institutional Research), x5253