North Central College - Naperville, IL


The single most important factor in your success at college is the learning environment of the campus. And the people who have the greatest impact on that environment are the faculty.

That’s especially true at a school like North Central where faculty play a prominent role in daily student life. Faculty teach. Faculty run the science labs. They direct rehearsals. They collaborate with students on research. They advise. Faculty lend their time and experience to extra-curricular activities and organizations.

North Central faculty choose to be at a place where teaching and students come first. We look for people with a passion for small-group, hands-on instruction. People who haven’t forgotten what it means to be a student. People who give freely of themselves and their time to help young people discover their life’s work.

Our 15:1 undergraduate student-to-faculty ratio and small class sizes allow students and faculty mentors to develop a bond of trust and friendship that often extends far beyond graduation.

At North Central College faculty are recognized for their efforts through the annual Dissinger Awards for outstanding teaching and research, through the endowed chairmanships, and through the Ruge Fellows program.