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If you’re aspiring to a career in digital media or graduate school in the arts, a well-prepared portfolio is a must have. Viewfinder—an online, multimedia, student-run magazine—gives you the opportunity to share your talents with the world, gain real-world skills and “get published.”

Like the College newspaper The Chronicle, student editors are at the helm of Viewfinder, with a team of student writers, photographers, animators, videographers and graphic designers contributing to each quarterly issue. Content includes creative inspirations like news stories and commentaries, music videos, flash comic strips and more.

Working on Viewfinder will satisfy your practicum requirement if you’re in the interactive media studies program, but any North Central student with an interest in digital communications can participate and submit work for inclusion.

You can also:

  • Network and work alongside fellow award-winning student artists.
  • Get media-access to high-profile guests on campus.
  • Gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology like our Mac lab, chroma-key (green screen) studio and vocal booth.
  • Benefit from the input of a faculty advisor with knowledge and experience in multimedia production.
Editor, Viewfinder

With a background in Web design and development, Annie knew that she would enjoy Viewfinder. What she didn’t expect was what else it would do for her. “My leadership and organizational skills have improved beyond belief,” she says.

“Being editor of Viewfinder has made me much more comfortable when leading and helping others, which ultimately helps me be a better mentor.” Annie fosters fellow students’ creative growth for graphic design, photo and video editing, animation, reviews, interviews, Web design and development and more. Her experience have not only improved her own skills, but the skills of other students and resulted in better content for the Viewfinder.

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