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Verandah Experience

"The verandah symbolizes all the opportunities available at the College. The verandah is everywhere."
--R. Devadoss Pandian, Professor of Mathematics and Dean of Faculty Emeritus

Verandah ExperienceA North Central education is much more than attending classes and accumulating credits. Some of the most valuable educational experiences are those spontaneous conversations that arise between students and professors at the Boilerhouse, in Old Main Plaza or on the verandah. Such experiences enable students and professors to exchange ideas at a depth not possible within the structure of course schedules and timetables.

Each year North Central College faculty exercise their imaginations by creating Verandah Experiences that will be intellectually and personally stimulating for both students and faculty. Operating on a pass/no pass basis, verandah experiences may offer academic credit, without traditional exams, papers or course evaluations. They may not meet in a classroom--a verandah course might be in a neighboring community, city, state or country. Regardless of where your verandah is, we promise that it will be an educational experience you won't soon forget.

Check out these upcoming verandahs offered during the 2016-2017 academic year.

The one-credit hour verandah experiences are under the course designation "Verandah" within Merlin. Be sure to change the credit option from "0" to "1" to register for credit.

2016-2017 D-Term Verandahs

Upcoming Non-Credit Verandahs

Past Verandah Offerings

Fall 2016 Verandahs

2016 Winter & Spring Verandahs

Fall 2015 Verandahs

2015-2016 D-Term Verandahs

Winter 2015 Verandahs





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