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Verandah Experience

Some of the most valuable and rewarding experiences at North Central College are spur-of-the-moment conversations that occur outside the classroom. Whether in the Boilerhouse, outside Old Main, or elsewhere on campus, these exchanges are the roots of the Verandah Experience.  The Verandah Experience allows you to take part in stimulating and intellectual discussions and experiences with professors in unconventional settings during fall, D-Term, winter or spring Terms.

Each year North Central College faculty create a variety of interesting Verandah courses that appeal to students of all programs and majors. You’ll explore topics in ways that are usually not possible within course schedule and class time constraints.

The Verandah Experience operates on a pass/no pass basis and offers optional academic credit without traditional exams or papers. These courses may not meet in a classroom, and may take place in another community, city, state or country. Wherever your Verandah Experience, you won’t soon forget it.

Past North Central Verandah courses have included:

  • Learning from the Chicago International Film Festival
  • Theatre in Chicago
  • Mathematics of Square Dancing
  • Face to Face: Connecting Cultures/Crossing Borders
  • Exploring Christmas Traditions
  • Contemporary Art in Chicago
  • Community Action in Theory and Practice
  • Learning through Dramatic Inquiry
Verandah Experience

When Jon Voss enrolled in Theatre in Chicago, he didn’t realize how fulfilling the experience would be.

“I wanted to do something interesting that would allow me to explore my theatre minor in more depth,” he says. "I loved the experience. Carin Silkaitis does a great job finding productions that span a wide range of genres and types.” Past shows have included “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf,” “Saint Nick” and “Wasteland.”

Jon recommends Verandah courses because they support learning outside the classroom. “They allow students and professors to interact in an environment without lecturing and note-taking,” he says. “I’ve also occasionally had opportunities to talk with professional production...

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