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Study Abroad

The Office of International Programs makes it easy to incorporate study abroad into a four-year plan for every major field of study. With more than 50 programs in 22 countries around the world and open to all majors, you can choose the program that is best for you.

You may study abroad for one term, two terms, a full year or just a summer. Faculty and staff advise you throughout the process and help you develop a plan to ensure that you won’t incur significant unplanned expenses. For some major programs (e.g., Global Studies, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese) study abroad is required.

You may also have the opportunity to intern or student-teach abroad. As an intern, you will connect with individuals who can develop your talent, enhance your intellectual and personal learning, and provide a new life perspective.

North Central College study abroad program opportunities include:

  • Fall group programs
  • Exchange programs
  • Direct enrollment programs
  • Educators Abroad Student Teaching
  • S.I.R.O.L. (Student-In-Residence-On-Leave)
  • D-Term international travel seminars and courses
Study Abroad

Carly Johnston chose to study in Jordan because she wanted a life-changing academic experience that would set her apart. “I saw it as an opportunity to expand my résumé, learn a third language and make connections to make my goals a reality,” she says. “I also wanted exposure living in a region less-westernized than Europe. When you live in an entirely different culture, you quickly realize how capable you really are.”

As an anthropology major, Carly is required to complete an independent study. With the help of a Richter Independent Study Fellowship, she researched how American expatriates manage their identities within Jordanian culture. Beyond learning Arabic and conducting research, Carly volunteered...

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