North Central College - Naperville, IL

What Should I Do After I Submit My Abstract

Shortly after you submit your abstract, you should receive an email in your North Central account about your submission. The email will either tell you that your abstract has been accepted for the Symposium or that there is a problem with your submission that needs correction before it will be accepted. Common problems are abstract length, lack of clarity about how this is original scholarship, and appropriate bibliographic sources.

Once your abstract has been accepted, you will receive registration materials for the Symposium via email that will need to be completed and returned by a certain date, late in Winter term. You will need to fill out some basic information about your presentation. Your faculty sponsor and every author listed on your submission (whether they are presenting with you or not) will also be contacted via email and asked to confirm their role in the presentation.

While you are waiting for your email to arrive, you may want to take a moment to review the guidelines for giving oral presentations and/or presenting posters. We expect all Symposium participants to adhere to these guidelines. This is also a good time to meet with your faculty sponsor to talk with him or her about what is expected of you as a representative of your discipline at a scholarly meeting.