North Central College - Naperville, IL

Student Research

Biographies of successful North Central graduates often point to defining moments when they discovered the intellectual excitement and sense of accomplishment that comes with contributing to a field of knowledge or to a profession. When you join the North Central College family, you join a community that fosters independent and collaborative research, giving you opportunities to experience problem solving and project development in ways rarely experienced by undergraduates — and to communicate the results of your work in local, national and international conferences and publications.

Consider these options:

  • Group “action” research, where a co-curricular team like the Model United Nations gathers materials to represent Mexico, China, or Morocco in simulations across the country. Need to meet with diplomats in the country under study? Don’t hesitate. Richter Grants can assist you in participating in an Interim Faculty-Student Study Seminar to that region of the world.
  • Independent research, where an independent study, honors thesis, or Richter Grant provides the structure for working one-on-one with a supervising professor to, for example, write a book on Stephen King … implement a conflict resolution process in Northern Ireland … present a study of DNA binding proteins to be published in the Journal of Molecular Biology or … write and direct your own play. Feature your work at North Central’s Rall Symposium, an annual event that provides a forum to communicate your findings and where a scholar-host of international prominence will join others in responding to your work.
  • Collaborative summer research, where a student and faculty member are funded for activity arising out of the faculty member’s plan to pursue original research. This could range all the way from “synthesis of chiral phosphinoferrocenes” or “plasticity of response in metamorphoses rates of the Eastern Tiger Salamander” to the art exhibition research that might lead you to a position as a museum curator.

Reflecting the range of faculty research interests, opportunities exist within the majors, across fields, and within a global setting. Opportunities for study abroad, partnerships with other research institutions, electronic communication, and information technology resources make a reality out of the notion that, with North Central College as your “hub,” the world is indeed your classroom.