North Central College - Naperville, IL

Conference Presentations

A growing number of North Central students present their research results at regional and national conferences. Most of these students are funded by the Student Conference Travel fund. This opportunity allows students to complete the cycle of scholarship by sharing their work with the larger academic community.


Association for Psychological Science 
San Francisco, CA - May 2014

Was I Treated Fairly? Factors Affecting Perceptons of Justice Following Employee Leave
Samantha Gleaves

American Society for Microbiology General Conference 2014 
Boston, MA - May 2014

High Persister Frequency Increases Competitive Fitness in Protein Repair-deficient Escherichia coli During Long-term Stationary Phase
Kelsey Vandenberg

Midwestern Psychological Association 2014 Conference 
Chicago, IL - May 2014

An Analysis of Binge Eating, Cognitive Restraint and Negative Affect in College Students
Nancy Guzman

Quantitative Electroencephalography Patterns in Trauma-induced Anxiety: An Exploratory Study
Samantha Eby

Blame for Military Sexual Abuse
Michelle DePasquale

The Effects of Bilingualism and Attention on False Memory
Sabheen Mohsin

Phi Alpha Theta - Delta Phi Wisconsin Regional Conference 
Madison, WI - April 2014

Petticoats and Parlors:  The Political Power of Women as Seen Through Home Entertaining in the Civil War Era
Alana Shuma

Midwest Sociological Society Conference 
Omaha, NE - April 2014

The Teaching Profession:  Public Perceptions and Teacher Expectations
Brittany Cufaude, Long Ting "Fionna" Ian

A Tale of Two Places:  A Chicago Neighborhood
Maci Mitchell

National Undergraduate Literacy Conference 
Ogden, UT - April 2014

Ripping Up Daisies
Stephanie Passialis

The beauty! The beauty! Gender Representation in "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao"
Lauren Baltas

The Aesthetic Word through Authorial Intent!  In Memoriam A.H.H.
Meaghan Green

National Conference on Undergraduate Research 
Lexington, KY - April 2014

The Effects of Growth Conditions on Bacterial Inhibition of Water Mold
Mary Blaha, Kori Sye

Examining the interactions between YAK1 and MSS11, PAT1, and DCS1 in signal transduction in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Scott Blaszak, Adeline Boettcher, Christina Carstens

Prediction of Emotional Changes While Reading a Short Story
Kirsten Bushman

Building a New Small Radio Telescope
Bryan Cardwell, Amy Damitz

Formative Assessment in the Republic of Ireland
Megan Cave

Identification and Quantification of Amphibian Pathogens in Dupage County, IL*
Joel Di Berardo 

Looking Outside our Borders: U.S. History in an International Context
Michele Dobbs

Piecewise-linear Pseudodiagrams
Molly Durava

The Spanish Economic Crisis and its Impacts on Spanish Higher Education and “Los Jóvenes”
Sarah Eggert

Dressing the Part: Theatrical Costume Design and its Implications for Character Development in the Rehearsal Process
Carlee Beth Fields

An Analysis of Binge Eating, Cognitive Restraint and Negative Affect in College Students
Nancy Guzman

The Effects of Arousal and Disfluency on Confirmation Bias
Nancy Guzman

Self-Stabilization under Minimal Liar’s Domination for Path Graphs
Rebecca Heinen

Simulation of Dark Matter Wakes
Christian Horst

Branding of Higher Education
Nicole Jakobsze

The Goth's "Crown of Thorns": An Examination of How the Media Reconstructed the Goth Sub-Culture to fit a Deviant Sub-Culture and How this Impacts an Individual's Performance of Identity
Emily Johnson

Draft your own players or pick them up in free agency: What strategy has the greatest impact on winning percentage in the NFL?
Adam Kendall

Disadvantage Deconstructed: African American Perceptions of Success Prospects
Szymon Kesek

Protein Aggregation and Persisters in Escherichia coli
Adam Kleinman

The Christmas Markets in Germany: The German View Today
Hannah Kramer

NMR and Statistical Analysis of Maillard Reaction Products of Varying Sugars
Aaron Langer, Gianna Medina

What Moves the Millennials? The Effects of Different Forms of Media on International Political Knowledge and Interest
Jillian Laumbacher

“Late Seventies, Southern California, Punk-Rock Kid”: Queer Places, Counterpublics, and Tim Miller's Spilt Milk
Colin Loeffler

To “Beg for grace in vain”: Intermedial Asides and the Transmedial Shift from Titus Andronicus to Titus
Colin Loeffler

An Examination of the Political and Religious Reasons for Anti-Semitism in Early Christian Documents
Anthony Nuccio

The Fabric of Humanity: Through the White Man's Eyes
Tiffany Pankow

The Fabric of Humanity: Atonomous Region of Tibet
Tiffany Pankow

Political Values versus Mental Health Status: Identifying the More Salient Predictor of Favorability
Yekaterina Pavlopoulos

Students versus Counselors: A cross-cultural Investigation of Prominent Stressors and Outreach Programming from the Perspective of Scottish Undergraduates and University Counselors
Meghan Pickett

The Disneyization of Tomorrow: Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress and the Dystopian Picture it Paints
Kelly Rasmussen 

Identification and Quantification of Amphibian Pathogens in Dupage County, IL*
Kathryn Reese

"The Working Woman": How Societal Perceptions of Female Leaders Affect Staffing and Generate Obstacles for Women in Higher Education Organizations
Stephania Rodriguez

Petticoats and Parlors: The Political Power of Women as Seen Through Home Entertaining in the Civil War Era
Alana Shuma

The Effect of Age, Prior Knowledge and Experience on the Ability to Demonstrate Connections Between Musical Elements and Pictorial Representations
Caitlin Skrbec

German Fascination with the American Indian: From Karl May and the Nineteenth Century to the Present
Tiffany Tindell

A Study of Contemporary Wesleyan Bands in Britain
Tyler Ward

Japan's Imaginary Obsession: How the Unreal Engendered a Subculture
Rebecca Weiss

Effectiveness of Course Offerings Using the Suurballe Algorithm
Margaret Wieczorek

Hidden and Revealed: The Icelandic Landscape Explored Through Charcoal
Ina Wright

Academy of International Business: Midwest Conference 
Chicago, IL - March 2014

Branding of Higher Education
Nicole Jakobsze

Sigma Tau Delta National Conference 2014 
Savannah, GA - February 2014

Trauma in Lorrie Moore's A Gate at the Stairs
Elaine Cannell

The 189th Mile
Taylor Harrison

Love Songs  (Original Poetry)
Kelly Rasmussen

Questioning Thady's (On) Reliability in Castle Rackrent
Colin Loeffler

Honors Council Illinois Region 
Joliet, IL - February 2014

Students versus Counselors: A Cross-cultural Investigation of Prominent Stressors and Outreach Programming from the Perspective of Scottish Undergraduates and University Counselors
Meghan Pickett

Fundamentally Dangerous: A Psychological Analysis of Religious Extremism and the Apocalypse
Marissa Post

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao : Body Image and Gender Representation
Lauren Baltas

Being a Woman at the End of the World: An Analysis of the Feminine Performance of the Mind and the Body in Lars von Trier’s Melancholia
Emily Johnson

The Spanish Economic Crisis and its Impacts on Spanish Higher Education and Los Jóvenes
Sarah Eggert

Impact of Wearing the Gyro Helmet Insert on Behavioral Changes, Incidence of, and Severity of Concussion in Collegiate Football Players
Kedryn Orrison, Gregory Garofalo, Margaret Heldt, John Wunderlich

Union for Democratic Communication
San Francisco, CA - November 2013

City Hall and the Silver Screen: Film Censorship in Chicago and the Politics of Urban Imagery
Brian Failing

Sigma Xi Student Research Conference
Research Triangle Park, NC - November 2013

The Effects of Growth Condition on Bacteria Inhibition of Water Mold
Mary Blaha and Kori Sye

Self-Stabilization under Minimal Liar's Domination for Path Graphs
Rebecca Heinen

Diversity and Inclusivity Teaching and Research Symposium 
New Albany, NY - October 2013

Exploring the Impact of a Summer Bridge Program on the Development of Competence and Emotional Coping for Diverse Learners
Ana Rivera

International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Raleigh, NC - October 2013

Student and Faculty Perspectives on the Value of an Undergraduate Preceptor Program
Sean Brady

Diversity and Inclusivity Teaching and Research Symposium
New Albany, IN - October 2013

Exploring the Impact of a Summer Bridge Program on the Development of Competence and Emotional Coping for Diverse Learners
Marlena Martinez

Conference on Illinois History
Springfield, IL - September 2013

Municipal Government: The Story of the Village of Lisle's Incorporation
Brian Failing

2013 Junior Researcher Programme Conference
Cambridge, England - August 2013

Evaluating Perceptions of Organizational Justice using Video Vignettes
Kristen Soforic


25th Annual Convention, Association for Psychological Science
Washington, DC - May 2013

Requests for Employee Leave: The Subtle Stigma of Mental Illness
Jillian Cadwallader and Storm Styles

Effects of Mindfulness on Texting while Driving in the Induced Hypocrisy Paradigm
Kristen Soforic

Midwestern Psychological Association Conference
Chicago, IL - May 2013

Arousal-Based Personality Traits and Cognitive Processing: The Effect of Introversion/Extroversion on Preference Recall
Rebecca Kirk

The Effect of Arousal-Based Personality Traits and Caffeine on the Stroop Attention Task
Rebecca Kirk, Michelle DePasquale, Lauren Perschau, Jillian Brunner, Jami Crouch and Anitta Milloro

Undergraduates' Ability to Understand Research Articles in the News
Kirsten Bushman and Sean Brady

Exploring the Memory System of Grapheme-Color Synesthetes Using Shapes and Photos
Carissa Rosine

The Effect of Arousal-Based Personality Traits and Caffeine on Working Memory
Anitta Milloro and Rebecca Kirk

Unfinished and Unsatisfied? Personality Variables and the Zeigarnik Effect
Jill Brunner

The Nature and Prevalence of Binge Eating Among Undergraduate Athletes
Jaclyn Keeney

The Effect of Induced Hypocrisy on Texting While Driving
Kristen Soforic and Nick Petkunas

National Conference for Undergraduate Research (NCUR)
La Crosse, WI - Apr. 2013

Mood-Congruent Recall in Autobiographically Induced Emotional States
Nick Baumgartner, Sean Brady and Samantha Eby

Elucidating the Role of YAK1 in Gignal Transduction in Saccharomyces Cervisiae
Scott Blaszak and Samantha DeWerff

Unfinished and Unsatisfied? Personality Variables and Internal Motivators that Contribute to the Zeigarnik Effect
Jillian Brunner

Media Manipulation of Advertisements: Digital Manipulation's Affects on Self-Esteem
Candice Caldwell

Isoaspartyl Protein Damange Affects Disposal of Aggregates and Cell Filamentation in E. Coli Under Low-salt Conditions
Katelyn DeRosa

Frequency of the SH Allele in FC Gamma Receptors
Samantha DeWerff

Identification, Quantification, and Preservation of Amphibian Pathogens in Dupage County, IL
Joel Di Bernardo and Andrew Dubois

Ambystoma Mexicanum Delays Hatching in Response to Saprolegnia Sp.
Andrew Dubois

Jingle Lizard: An Undergraduate 3D Animated Short and Investigation into the 3D Animation Process
Amber Dvorak

Expression of P62 at Different Stages of Xenopus Laevis Development
Monique Feurdean

What does it Mean to be German? How the Scars of World War Two and the Division of East and West Germany Left the German Youth of Today Struggling with Ideas About Their Own National Identity
Molly Gstalter

Analysis of Phospholipoids and Proteins Binding Through P31 NMR
Joseph Guenther

From Professional MD to Web MD: How Online Healthcare Information is Impacting the Physician-Patient Relationship
Madison Henry

Successional Response of Arthropods to Fire in Illinois Deciduous Woodlands
Jordan Kremer

Composing Footnotes for John Galt's The Annals of the Parish
Colin Loeffler

Richard in the Present: Staging Disability in the Twenty-First Century
Colin Loeffler

The Effects of Proprioceptive Traning on the Incidence of Lateral Ankle Sprains
Trevor Magnotti

Inhibition of Water Mold Growth by Bacteria
Megan Malone and Brandon Wood

Anthropological Effects on Whaling as a Political Issue
Anna McGreal

Dissolution of the Dystopia: The Genre's Paradigm Shift in the New Millennium
Kelly Rasmussen

Exploring the Role of Color in the Memory Advantages Seen in Graphme-Color Synesthetes
Carissa Rosine

A Classification of Uniform Edge-C-Colorings
Tyler Schroeder

Determination of Caffeine, Polyphenol, and Chlorogenic Acid Concentration in Commercial Coffee Beverages
Anika Shain

Fellowship vs. Individualism in the Western
Andrew Smith

The Effect of Induced Hypocrisy on Texting While Driving
Kristin Soforic

Formal Wood Sculpture: An Uncommon Method
Jeremy Thurlby

Craniums of Clay
Jeremy Thurlby

Persisters and the Isoaspartyl Protein Repair Enzyme PCM Increase Long-Term Stationary Phase Fitness in Escherichia Coli
Kelsey VandenBerg

Regional German Beer Culture: Contemporary Concerns in a Changing Tradition
Louis Waldmeir

Expression of P62 at Different Stages of Xenopus Laevis Development
Colin Westman

Exploring Written and Oral Reports of Emotional Autobiographical Memories
Kevin Williams

National Undergraduate Literature Conference (NULC)
Ogden, UT - Apr. 2013

"Eating Teddy-Bear" "Five Prose Poems" "Lucky Number Five"
Kelly Rasmussen

Bridging Ages Conference in Historic Environment, Education and Living History
Las Cruces, NM - Apr. 2013

Reconnecting with History
Brian Failing

Sigma Tau Delta Convention
Portland, OR - Mar. 2013

"There are people with kindly hearts:" Billali as a Noble Savage in Haggard's She
Colin Loeffler

Honors Council of the Illinois Region
Decatur, IL - Mar. 2013

The Christmas Markets in Germany: The German View Today
Hannah Kramer

Germany's Societal Transformation of Language: The Economic Miracle's Guest Workers Influence on German Communities
Jessica Krempp

Southern Teaching and Leadership Conference
Savannah, GA - Mar. 2013

Teaching the Apocalypse
David DePino and Michael Boland

MBAA International-AIB Midwest Conference
Chicago, IL - Feb./Mar. 2013

Comprehensive Analysis of Human Rights, Business Model, and the Impact of Globalization
Megan Sowinski

Joint Mathematics Meeting
San Diego, CA - Jan. 2013

A Classification of Uniform Edge-Colorings of the Uniform Tilings
Tyler Schroeder

26th Annual Meeting of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts
Milwaukee, WI - Sep. 2012

The Living Dead as Individuals: A Candid Look at the Evolution of the Zombie
Joseph Miller


American Society for Microbiology General Meeting
San Francisco, CA - Jun. 2012

Escherichia coli Deficient in an Isoaspartyl Protein Repair Enzyme Increase the Persister Fraction by a phoU-dependent Pathway
Jiyoung Ahn

Association for Psychological Science
Chicago, IL - May 2012

Can People Distinguish Causal from Correlational Claims in Headlines?
Katya Rudenya, Grace Hsiao, Kirsten Bushman, Ellen Farley, and Elizabeth Gerhardt

The Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Perspective: The Structure of Experience
Jennifer Ciesiulka

Stanford Undergraduate Research Council
Stanford, CA - May 2012

The Relationship between Smile Genuineness and Size of Social Networks
Kelly Flack

Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality Eastern / Midcontinent Joint Conference
Bloomington, IN - May 2012

The Effects of Pornography on Men's Sexual Behaviors and Attitudes towards Women
Mia Bryan, Margaret Drewno, and Megan Potilechio

Midwestern Psychological Association
Chicago, IL - May 2012

The Effect of Applicant Disability on Hiring Decisions
Jami Crouch and Storm Styles

The Effects of Parenting on Late Adolescent Aggression, Bullying Behaviors
Rachel Garthe

A Prevention Program to Improve Coping Skills and Bullying Behaviors
Rachel Garthe and Jennifer Cook

Mental Health Literacy: A Generational Gap in the Public's Knowledge and Perceptions of Mental Illness
Kristin Kiper

The Irrelevant Speech Effect: Is Studying with Music Really that Bad?
Ryan Mueller

The Effect of Hypocrisy on Intentions to Advocate against Texting while Driving
Randi Purcell and Nicholas Petkunas

Aggression-Based Composite Images are Reliable Cues to Aggressiveness
Abby St. George and Emily Smith

Facial Width-to-Height Ratio of Males Predicts their Aggressiveness
Emily Stewart

The Effectiveness and Efficiency of Using Interactive Online Research Studies in a Research Methods in Psychology Course
Jessica Vandenberg

Failure to Detect Altruistic Tendencies from Composite Facial Images
April Vrtis

Midwest Political Science Association Conference
Chicago, IL - Apr. 2012

The Effectiveness of Gene Sharp's Nonviolent Methodology using the Lithuanian Model Times
Rima Gungor

German Undergraduate Conference
Bloomington, IL - Apr. 2012

Eine Geschichte von zwei Brüdern: Märchen, Deutschland und der Wandel der Zeit
(A History of Two Brothers: Fairy Tales, Germany, and Changing of the Times)

Em Rademaker

National Conference on Undergraduate Research
Ogden, UT - Mar. 2012

Teen Magazine Analysis
Arlinda Bajrami

Art and Intimacy: The Dichotomy of Private and Public Museums
Jessica Berger

Excellence in Early Literacy: The Implications and Effects of Scotland's 'A Curriculum for Excellence' in Early Literacy Education
Veronica Blue

'Earthly Tones:' Sacred Music from a Rough-Hewn Bench
Kathryn Brouch

The Effect of Applicant Disability on Hiring Decisions
Jami Crouch and Storm Styles

Inverse Preserving Functions in the p-adic Fields
Kelvin Guilbault and Jonathan Rascher

An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Gene Sharp's Non-violent Methodology in Freedom Movements using the Lithuanian Model
Rima Gungor

The Effects of Survival Processing and Retention Interval on Memory
Viviana Gutierrez and Emily Stewart

The Enthesial Architecture of the Human Foot: An Analysis of the Force-Bearing Tissues
Madison Henry and Michelle Branigan

Mathematical Modeling of the Transmission of the Varicella-Zoster Virus
Samuel Jaros and Maria Gommel

A Study on Pedagogical Changes in Spanish Undergraduate Accounting Education
Megan King

The Social Meaning of the Divine Image: A Comparative Study of the Theological Anthropologies of Kallistos Ware and Reinhold Niebuhr
Luke Kinney

Under the Circumstances: An Oulipian Exploration of the Rhetorical Argument
Katie Legner

The "Good Natur'd Reader": Alienation in Henry Fielding's Joseph Andrews
Colin Loeffler

The Effectiveness of Precious Metals and Commodities in Hedging Inflation
Eric McKee

The Rebel Yell: Pullman's Paternalism and Reaction to Paternalism in the 1894 Pullman Strike
Amy Pacheco

The Wari Empire: Research on Patterns of Violence through Cranial Analysis in the Callejon de Huaylas Valley, Peru
Jessica Pantel

War Pigs
Giuseppe Pellicano

The Effect of Hypocrisy on Intentions to Advocate against Texting while Driving
Randi Purcell and Nicholas Petkunas

Trailing Breadcrumbs: Finding Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in Modern Culture
Em Rademaker

Tuning into the RTLM: The Effect of Incendiary Media Propaganda in Eliciting Radical Behavior
Brittnea Roozen

Cultural Messages in Popular Thai Children's Books
Emma Rothenfluh

The Role of CheA Short in the Repellant Response of E. Coli Chemotaxis
Brittany Rowe and Megan Schrock

Francophones at the Political Fault Line: A Discourse Analysis of Minority French Advocate Parties in Brussels
Megan Shoemate

The ADR Angle: Examining Illegal Migration Issues through the Mediation Process
Jenna Slack

From Cultural Necessity to a 'Peculiar' Predicament: The Story of Native American Captivity in the Ohio River Valley and Southern Great Lakes from 1780-1812
Alexis Smith

Dignified Working Girls: The Progression of Female Independence in Libbey and Dreiser
Shauntal Van Dreel

Taste as a Distinction: Austen's Definition of a New Class Separate from Wealth
Shauntal Van Dreel

Library Systems in Change: Examining the Merger of the Northern Illinois Library Systems
Katelyn Van Lankvelt

From Cold War Era Germany to the Middle East of Today: The Relevancy of German Film to Contemporary Political Issues
Mark Zajac

Midwest Sociological Society
Minneapolis, MN - Mar. 2012

How Familiarity with SMI and Other Social Forces on Campus Influence Student Cohort Attitudes and Attribution
Douglas Engelman

Southwest/Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Associations 33rd Annual Meeting
Albuquerque, NM - Feb. 2012

The End is Just the Beginning: Teaching Post-Apocalypse
David DePino

Honors Council of Illinois Region
Joilet, IL - Feb. 2012

The Mathematical Theory of Knots
Tyler Schroeder

The ADR Angle: Examining Illegal Migration Issues through the Mediation Process
Jenna Slack

Sigma Tau Delta 2012 International Convention
New Orleans, LA - Feb. 2012

Teaching and Transformation in Vice Versa and The Prince and the Pauper
Laura Kizior

Treasure Island: Reawakening the Victorian Moral Code
Mary Kizior

Academy of International Business, Southeast Convention
Orlando, FL - Oct. 2011

The Proliferation of International Education
Kelsey Brummel


Korea-America Student Conference
Seoul, Korea - Jul. 2011

Human Rights: Interpretation and Applications in the 21st Century
Sochantra Mel

5th Annual International Conference on Psychology
Athens, Greece - Jun. 2011

Short Term Positive Emotions:  Building Resources and Unraveling Negativity
Brandi Balensiefen and Jessica VandenBerg

Midwestern Psychological Association
Chicago, IL - May 2011

Facial Masculinity Effects on Personality Attributions
Monica Bienas

Responsibility/Blame Attributions as a Function of Victim/Offender Intoxication
Abby St. George and Emily Stewart

Perceptions of Procedural and Interpersonal Justice Using Video Vignettes
Jessika Bajorski

National Conference for Undergraduate Research
Ithaca, NY - Apr. 2011

Test Anxiety and Personality:  Math Performance under Stressful Conditions
Brandi Balensiefen

The Failed State Next Door:  The Political Failures of the War on Drugs in Northern Mexico
Christopher Bilbro

Quantitative Analysis of Ester Profiles of Fermentation Mixtures Brewed from Genetically Altered Yeast Using Solid Phase Microextraction and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Matthew Borchardt and John Willis

The Economic Implications of Supreme Court Decisions
Stewart Charles

An Assessment of the Trajectory of Physiological Plant Health in Oregon Tidal Marshes After Restoration
Laura Constantine

Chicago Food Deserts and Power: A Policy Analysis
Katie Dahlstrom

International News Coverage: Objective New?
Amanda Dominguez

The Effects of Parenting Styles on Adolescent Depression, Anxiety and Substance Use
Rachel Garthe, Jessica Reynolds and Carolyn Kalafut

Representation of German Culture in Secondary and Post-Secondary Textbooks
Bianca Gavin

Vocalizing Desire: Kristeva’s Semanalysis as Postmodern Ethical Practice
Bethany Henning

Space/Time in Native American Storytelling: A Corrective to Rationalist Christian Theologies
Joshua Heyza

Human Trafficking: How Media Portrayal Impacts the Public
Grace Hollister

Happiness Matters: A Case Study of the Impact of Gross National Happiness upon Governmental Policy in the Kingdom of Bhutan
Edvard Jeune Joseph

Determining the Existence of a Comic Convention Subculture in the United States and France
Stephanie Kuersten

A Tense Situation: The Persuasiveness of Aristotle’s Tenses in Rhetoric to Control an Argument
Erin Martin

Examining Adiponectin’s Interaction with Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor to Understand its Regulatory Effects on Angiogenesis
Cody McCullough

Observing Legal Oral Arguments from Multiple Perspectives: A Relevant Experience through an Interdisciplinary Lens
Madeline Moton

Humor Reception and Attraction
Patrick Nebl

Pamoja FM: Community Radio and the Empowerment of the Kiberan Community
Steven Oliveri

Victim or Perpetrator?: An Exploration of How Austria Comes to Terms with a Controversial Past through the Public Sphere
Allison Pawelczyk

Crisis Journalism in Uganda
Ryan Piers

Die Märchen und das Volk: The Evolution of German Culture and its Influence on the Changing Relevance and Perception of the Brothers Grimm and Fairy Tales
Emily Rademaker

Isomorphism Classes of Finite Fuzzy Groups
Jonathan Rascher and Kelvin Guilbault

Wicker Park - Glorified Grunge or Family Friendly Edginess?
Katherine Riess, Hywel Griffith and Lindsey Stewart

Iconography in Greece as an Interpretive Lens for Broader Social Issues
Alexis Smith

A Humanistic Narrative of Catholic Saints
Marcy Thomas

Dishwashing and Table-Running in Beijing: China's Low-Wage Migrant Worker Phenomenon
Weien Wang

Materialism, Priming Work Values, & Self-Determination
Melissa Warren

Modernist Architecture as a Populist Movement? A Re-examination Using Laclau’s Theory on Populism
Timothy Whitney

Academy of International Business
Chicago, IL - Mar. 2011

Understanding Work Values in Peru
Mallory Blanchard

Midwest Sociological Society
St. Louis, MO - Mar. 2011

How Support and Acceptance of those Diagnosed with Mental Illness is Shaped by Society's Perception of Disease
Douglas Engelman

National Leadership Conference
Tucson, AZ - Feb. 2011

The 6 Es to Successful Leadership Development
Jennifer Baron and Megan Holland

Streamlines: Third Annual Undergraduate Conference for Language, Literature, and Writing
Dubuque, IA - Nov. 2010

A Tense Situation: The Persuasiveness of Aristotle's Tense in Rhetoric to Control an Argument
Amy Olson

The Unidentified You
Erin Martin


Association for Psychological Science (APS) 22nd Annual Convention
Boston, MA - May 2010

Status and Success:  Perceptions of Employee Requesting Family Leave Using Video Vignettes
Camille Heneghan and Lyndsey Pojman

National Conference for Undergraduate Research
Missoula, MT - Apr. 2010

Investigating a Novel Role for the Transcriptional Modulator NusA in Transcription Coupled Repair
Emily Albright 

Characterization of the Ambystoma tigrinum neurotoxin through synthesis of a cDNA library from tail tissue
Kaitlyn Andre

Dance through the Lens of Neurology: Improving Audience Attraction
Kristin Arredia and Rachel Mitchell 

Becoming a College Student: The First-Year Experience and Organizational Socialization
Kelly Carew 

Dog Bless America
Jake Dewar 

Ritual, Psychology, and Poverty in Haitian Vodou
Sunbir Gill 

Cross-Atlantic Coffee Talk
Brigit Goudie 

Using Computers to Investigate the Structure of Fuzzy Groups
Kelvin Guilbault 

Microalgae as Indicators of Nutrient Concentration in Oregon Estuarine Tidal Wetlands
Shanon Hankin 

Devin LaSarre  

Will The Universal Varicella Vaccination Increase Zoster infection?
The Art of Square Dancing: Math in Motion
Christina Lorenzo 
Microfinance: One Powerful Solution to the Problem of Poverty
Priscilla Martinez 

The Effects of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Application on Vegetation in a Salt Marsh in Yaquina Bay
Matthew McCary 

Saving Humanity through Sex
Nathan Meno  

Effect of Gene FoxQ-1 expression on Learning and Memory
Grace Muganda 

Memorializing a Divided Past: An Exploration of Controversial Soviet Monuments in Berlin
Allison Pawelczyk 

Shakespeare as the source for Sturm und Drang authors; with special focus on Friedrich Schiller's "Kabale und Liebe”
Melissa Proulx 

The Hawthorne Effect: Managing Worker Efficiency
Stephanie Ryding 

Eco-Andersonville: A Unique Urban Community's Approach to Sustainability
Samantha Schooley and Heather Racine
An Ideological Analysis of Humorous Hegemonic Masculinity in "This is Sportscenter" Advertisements

Michael Slykas 

The Effects of Social Exclusion on Aggression
Katherine Swiatek 

The Characterization of the Yak1p to slow growth rate in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Saccharomyces bayanus
Dorothy Tran and Scott Oltman
Primo Levi and Memory
Calaya Van Dreel 

Chinese Medical Ethics: The Physician's Personal Touch
Weien Wang
Classic Medieval Literary Works in Modern Film
Colleen White 

A Comparative Analysis of Abstraction in Visual and Sound Art
Rachel Zmora 

Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference
Chicago, IL - Apr. 2010

Tracking Trends in Representation:  Early Findings from the Congressional Candidate Dataset Project
Sidra Hamidi

Midwest Psychological Association
Chicago, IL - Apr. 2010

Facial Masculinity Effects on Competitive Attributions
Jennifer John

Do Attractiveness and Expertise Affect Hiring Decisions?
Jordan Inskeep

Blaming the Bottle:  Responsibility/Blame for Sexually Coercive Events
Brandi Balensiefen

Sigma Tau Delta 2010 International Convention
St. Louis, MO - Mar. 2010

Where's Antonio Then?:  Locating the Inclusions and Exclusions of Antonio in Two Film Versions of Twelfth Night
Sarah Kupriel

National Collegiate Honors Conference
Washington, DC - Nov. 2009

The Power of Narratives: Purple Hibiscus and Nigerian Culture
Danielle Cifonie

British Perceptions of the '08 Race to the White House
Laurel White


Association for Psychological Science (APS) 21st Annual Convention
San Francisco, CA - May 2009

Evaluating Employees Returning from Family Leave: Influence of Status, Reason, and Optimism
Kyle Kniss and Amanda Maloney

National Conference on Undergraduate Research
LaCrosse Lacrosse, WI - Apr. 2009

Ionic Liquids in Green Chemistry
Marlon Brown

Looking Beyond the Harem: The Impenetrable Unenclosed Spaces of the Orient
Brianna Hyslop

Estimating Basic Reproductive Number by Bayesian Method in a Mathematical Model of Chlamydia Trachomatis
Laura Krezel-Mitchell

Estimating Basic Reproductive Number by Bayesian Method in a Mathematical Model of Chlamydia Trachomatis
Defining Literacy: A Study of Literacy in Rural Uganda, Nairobi, and London

Sarah H Martin

Reclaiming Mary Magdalene
Mallory Mosher

The Reintegration of Hong Kong into Mainland China and It's Effects upon Democratization
James Nebl

The Face of Development: A Case Study of Burkinabe Women's Fight to Survive and Hope to Persevere
Kelsey Staudacher

Analysis of Maillard Reaction Products Using Model Systems
Sara Homsi, Ana Jensen and Sarah Martin

"Think in Bronze": A Dance Adaptation of Oscar Wilde's Poems in Prose
Michelle LeDonne, Lauren Omelson, Kristin Arredia, Amanda Nousain and Wesley Tucker

Lives Regained: Karen Refugees' Transition to the United States
Esther McCarty and Christina Lorenzo

PSI-CHI Midwest Psychological Conference
Chicago, IL - Apr. 2009

Rape Allegations in the Military: An Examination of the Effects of Rank and Alcohol on Blame and Accountability
Jennifer Carlson

American Cruciate Ligament Injuries in the Female Athlete
Karen Ocwieja

Midwest Political Science Association National Conference
Chicago, IL - Apr. 2009

The Reintegration of Hong Kong into Mainland China and Its Effects Upon Democratization
James Nebl

American Chemical Society (ACS) Meeting
Salt Lake City, UT - Mar. 2009

Ionic Liquids in Green Chemistry
Marlon Brown

Sigma Tau Delta Tau Conference
Minneapolis, MN - Mar. 2009

Verses on the Death of a Good Christian
Grant Swanson

Honors Council of the Illinois Region
Joliet, IL - Feb. 2009

The Reintegration of Hong Kong into Mainland China and its Effect upon Democratization
James Nebl

Changing the Method of "Incarcerating" Juveniles
Tanvi Potdukhe

Yuanfen, A Sociological Glance at Love thougththe Chinese Concept of Destiny
Wiein Wang

Wingspread Fellowship Program, The Johnson Foundation
Racine, WI - Nov. 2008

Joseph Gaskill participated in the "Expanding Collaborative Regional Planning Around Southern Lake Michigan" conference

SACNAS National Conference
Salt Lake City, UT - Oct. 2008

A Computational Analysis of MicroRNA Impact on Gene Expression Levels in a Diabetes Study
Christine Muganda

2008 Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology Meeting
Toronto, Canada - Jul. 2008

Investigating the Mechanisms by which the Yaki Kinase Slows Cellular Growth Rates
Emily Albright

2007- 2008

American Society for Microbiology
Boston, MA - Jun. 2008

Excherichia Coli Deficient in Isoaspartyl Protein Repair Has Elevated Levels on Unfolded Protein
Casey Connolly

Association for Psychological Science Conference
Chicago, IL - May 2008

Humor Enhances the Effect of Affiliation on Well-being but Does Little for Self-defeat
Andrea Devine

Perception of Employees using the FMLA: Reasons for Request and Responsibility for Outcomes
Katlyn Humphrey

Ethical Ideology Influences Judgment of Employees Returning from Family and Medical Leave
Elizabeth Konrad

Perception of Employees using the Family and Medical Leave Act: Reasons for Request and Responsibility for Outcomes
Meredith McDermott

Midwest Psychological Association Conference
Chicago, IL - May 2008

Performing at Your Best: The Effects of Audience Expectation on Self-concept
Cori Harley

The Effect of Test Type and Stereotype Remainders on Women’s Performance in Math
Molly Lambert, Emily Peters, Katelyn Tyndorf and Lakoda Yturbe

National Conference on Undergraduate Research
Salisbury, MD - Apr. 2008

Effect of Heavy Metal Stress on Protein Repair-Deficient Escherichia Coli
Allison Beckham

Quantitating Protein Damage and Protein Repair Enzyme Activity Using HPLC in Escherichia Coli
Amber Cibrario

Escherichia Coli Deficient in Isoaspartyl Protein Repair has Elevated Levels of Unfolded Protein
Casey Connolly

Exploring the Warburg Hypothesis and the Efficacy of Cisplatin Derivatives
Jason Karpus

Rapid HPLC Method Development for the Separation of Steroids
Cody Langellier

Listen to Emilia: The Personal Ethics and Values of Othello’s Second Female Lead
Michelle LeDonne

Scrapbooking and Gender Roles: Do Mothers Place Children in Gendered Categories When Creating Scrapbooks?
Kristine Lipowski

The Relationship Between Gender and Science Education Across Three Cultures
Cassandra Peterson

The Representation of Concordia Discors and its Role in Creating Identity in Alexander Pope’s Windsor Forest
Laurel White

The effects of Screening and Vaccination For Chlamydia Trachomatis: A Mathematical Approach
Christina Lorenzo, Christine Muganda, Dorothy Tran and Luke Eichelberger

Determining the Contributions of Two Signaling Pathways in Yeast to Secondary Metabolites Important in the Brewing Process
Ashley Collins, Benjamin Youel and Tara Madziarek

Identification of Genes Required for the Yak1 Kinase to Slow Cellular Growth in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Dorothy Tran and Emily Albright

Phenotypic Plasiticity Through Metatmorphosis Exhibited in Ambystoma Tigrinum Larvae When Exposed to Different Water Levels and Crowding Conditions
Tim Kauffmann and Matthew McCary

Honors Council of the Illinois Region
Moline, IL - Mar. 2008

The Monstrous in Beowulf: Futile Attempts at Comprehension
Mary Boscarino

Interpreting Communism of GDR in Christa Wolf Der Geteilte Himmel
Natalia Grechkina

The Deontologist vs. the Amoralist: Contrasting Ethical Perspectives in the Film You’ve Got Mail
Laurel White

Sigma Tau Delta International Honors English Conference
Louisville, KY - Mar. 2008

Listening to Emilia: The Personal Ethics and Values of Othello’s Second Female Lead
Michelle LeDonne

Control and Degradation: Illness in Women's Literature
Alyssa Vincent

National Collegiate Honors Council Conference
Denver, CO - Oct. 2007

Examining Otherness: Assimilations, Murder, and Suicide in Shakespeare’s Othello
Amanda Bert

An Analysis of Happy Life Children’s Home in Nairobi, Kenya
Kelsey Staudacher

Listening to Emilia: The Personal Ethics and Values of Othello’s Second Female Lead
Michelle LeDonne

Science and the Humanities
Ashville, NC - Oct. 2007

Darwin and Evolution. Does the analogy work in different disciplines
Brian Lesiewicz

2006- 2007

National Conference on Undergraduate Research
San Rafael, CA - Apr. 2007

Investigation of Amino Acid Compounds Reversing the "Quis Effect"
Megan Bashaw and Giedre Raugeviciute

The First Week on Campus: Identity Formation and the Effects of Leadership on the Success of New Student Programs
Heather Coakley

Why Foreign Patients Explore Traditional Chinese Medicine in Huai Hua Hunan Province, China
Debra Hayes

Fuzzy Logic Programming and Combinatorial Multi-Objective Optimization
Robert Krzyzanowski

Reconstruction of the Fire History of the Florida Everglades
Cassandra Peterson and Chelsea Bohner

Quench Antenna Analysis of HGQ Magnets
Eugenia Rakhno

Separation of Viable and Inviable Escherichia Coli to Determine L-Isoaspartyl Damage Repair
Matt Sorenson

The Systematic Genetic Analysis of the Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Genome for Gene Deletions Producing Synthetic Lethality with YAK1 Deletion or Over-expression
Bethany Stark and Ashley Collins

Influencing the Chemical Profile of Beer Through Genetic Manipulation
Sheri Starks, Jason Karpus, Timothy Kauffmann and Jesus Salazar

Honors Council of the Illinois Region
Naperville, IL - Mar.  2007

Constructing America: John Ford and John Wayne
Chris Orlock

Integration of Islam in Germany
Natalia Grechkina

Sigma Tau Delta International Conference
Pittsburgh, PA - Mar. 2007

Identifying and Validating the Fallacies of the Confessionalist Mode
Taylor Kenney

Images of Sharon Olds
Sandra Marchetti

Society for Research in Child Development
Boston, MA - Mar. 2007

Applying a Dynamic Systems Perspective to the Dimensional Change Card Sort (DCSS)
Aaron Buss

Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities
Honolulu, HI - Jan. 2007

A Window to the Past: Photography as a Source of Testimony to the Holocaust
Chelsea Lamont

National Collegiate Honors Council
Philadelphia, PA - Nov. 2006

The Modern Evolution of Individual Liberty: Recent Action of the United States Supreme Court
Steven Mroczkowski

Argonne Symposium for Undergraduates in Science, Engineering and Mathematics
Argonne, IL - Nov. 2006

Quench Antenna Analysis of High Gradient Quadruple Magnets
Eugenia Rakhno

Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association Convention
Tucson, AZ - Oct. 2006

Is the 'Messy, Wonderful Middle' Enough? A Critique of Labeling Literature Using the Poetry of Alberto Rias
Mary Davenport

2005- 2006

National Conference on Undergraduate Research
Asheville, NC - Apr. 2006

Post-Colonial Border and Maritime Dispute: Spain and Morocco
Kara Friel

The Physiological State of the Msi1p Complex in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Does Not Change with Different Carbon Sources
Scott Halkyard

A Role for Cell Adhesion in the Development of the Apical Ectodermal Ridge in the Limb of Formation of Chicken Embryos
Alis Heidar

Academia, Social Change, and the Trap of Fatalism
Ryan Peters

Cellular Fractionation of Wild Type and PCM Mutant Escherichia Coli Strains
Madiha Salim

Upper Midwest Honors Conference
St. Cloud, MN - Mar. 2006

Applying a Dynamic Systems Perspective to the Dimensional Change Card Sort (DCSS) Task
Aaron Buss

Higher Education in Spain and the United States: A Study of Culture within Students
Ana Campos

Process Drama: Thinking Outside of the Box and In the Moment
Sarah Homan

Ombudsmen: A Conflicting Position in Alternative Dispute Resolution
Kristi Hornickel

Shugendo: Transcending the Self through the Hermits' Path
Daniel Jordan

Father Knows Best: Hitler, Lady Eboshi and Big Brother
Katie Kustuch

Homosexual Rights : Privacy and Equal Protection Culminate in Lawrence v. Texas
Steve Mroczkowski

Jealousy, Our Hidden Sin: Social Appropriateness of Jealousy Expression
Dorisa Ramos

Honors Council of the Illinois Region Conference
Charleston, IL - Feb. 2006

The United Nations as a Utopian Society
Claudia Chlebek

Happiness, Friendship, and Suicide; an Argument of Individuality
Kristi Hornickel (pictured right)

What's in your Coffee Cup?
Kelsey Staudacher

Mothering as an Indicator of Humanness in Great Apes
Rachel Zmora

American Sociological Association's Honors Program
Philadelphia, PA - Aug. 2005

The Strengths of Adolescent Education within Catholic Religious Education Programs
Melissa Neumann

2004- 2005

Society of Nuclear Medicine Annual Meeting
Toronto, Canada - Jun.  2005

Bremsstrahlung Imagine to Observe Biodistribution of Yttrium 90 Labeled Zevalin
Devin Miller

National Conference of Undergraduate Research
Lexington, VA  - Apr. 2005

Learning to Fly: Instruction Principles of Theatrical Rigging at the University Level
Jennifer Bethmann

Msi1p/Cac3p Activates Transcription only in the Absence of Fermentation
Zachary Pratt

Annual Conference of the Upper Midwest Honors Council
Des Moines, IA - Apr. 2005

The Conflict of Northern Ireland
Sarah Markham

Consumer Preference for International Products: Insight into the Cuban Consumer's Mindset
Gillian Owens

She's so Beautiful, She Could Get Away with Murder: A Look at the Relationship Between Sexual Transgression and Attractiveness
Michelle Plemich

The Origin of Existence
Ross Przybylski

Honors Council of the Illinois Region
University Park, IL - Mar. 2005

Spending Gone Out of Control
Amanda Bert and Gina Grazian

The Last Samurai as a Cultural Anthropological Study
Mary Boscarino

Video Games: A Powerful Medium of Storytelling and Entertainment
Evan Lahti

Marketing Across Cultures: The Hispanic Influence on American Marketing
Samia Zayed

National Collegiate Honors Council
New Orleans, LA - Nov. 2004

Economics Education in the Development of the Russian Federation
Julia Prokofieva

2003- 2004

American Society for Microbiology
New Orleans, LA - May 2004

Msilp/Cac3p activities transcription only in the absence of fermentation
Zachary Pratt

Inability to Repair Isoaspartyl Damage Increases Susceptibility of E.coli Proteins to Unfolding UnderOxidative Stress
Sanda Vujnic

Upper Midwest Honors Council
Fargo, ND - Apr. 2004

U.S.-Vietnam Trade Relations
Kelan Klug

Las Iglesia Christiana Lutherana de Honduras: An In-Depth Study of the Past, Present, and Future of theLutheran Church in Honduras
Erin Molitor

National Conference of Undergraduate Research
Indianapolis, IN - Apr. 2004

An Investigation of Ambystoma Maculatum Secretion
Rosemary Becker

Evaluation of Employee Transgressions
Melissa Hauser

The Study of Ambystoma Maculatum Secretion
Kristin Jacobs

Differences in Play Opportunities of Inner Cities and Suburbs
Lucida Livingston

Improved Synthesis of Aminophosphine Compounds
Jeffrey Noga

Idealism and Relativism's Effect on the Severity of Judgment on Work Place Transgression
Laura Novy

How Do the Factors of Appealing vs. Unappealing Images, Humor vs Serious Tone Effect VegetarianAdvertising?
Rachel Townsend

Honors Council of the Illinois Region
Elmhurst, IL - Feb. 2004

Time as Dimension
Ross Przybylski

Honors Composition: An Experiment in Team Teaching and Interdisciplinary Inquiry
Nicole Beehn, Katherine Bowman, Ryan Peters and Grant Polachek

The Doors of Perception: Should They Be Open or Closed?
Morgan Carey, Sarah Homan and Laurel Rock

National Collegiate Honors Council
Chicago, IL - Nov. 2003

Participation in Master Class in Drama
Betsy Matheson

Advances in Artificial Intelligence Reveal the Uncertainty of Human Identity & Values
Ross Przybylski

Caring for Alzheimer’s Patients as and Expression of Social Values
David Rash