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Recent Projects


Each year several of our students are awarded grants to pursue individual or group research projects of extraordinary quality. Grants for up to $5,000 have allowed students to, in some cases, travel the world, while others have done their work in the Chicago-land area. Regardless of destination, this research opportunity has dramatically enriched their academic experience at North Central.

Students recently awarded independent or group research grants include:

2014 - 2015 Individual and Group Research Projects

AnnMarie Bachmann
Alexander the Great in Mosaic of Roman Culture

Katherine Dickson
Hail the Victorious Dead: History and Collective Memory of the Great War in London

Lisa Dieckman
Expressions of Faith: An Ethnographic Study of Faith and Organizational Culture

Thomas Halverson
Characterization of Collectin Liver 1 (CL-L1) by its Glycan and Glycoprotein Specificity

Jessica Krempp
Tasmanian Devil Relocation Evaluation: Scat Analysis of Devil Diet

Adam Lundquist
The Role of Glutamate in Cocaine Reinstatement of Differentially Reared Rats

Jacob Prosek
German Harmonica Curriculum: An Analysis

2013 - 2014 Individual and Group Research Projects

Alyssa Allgood
Who am I?: An Exploration of Jazz Vocalists' Identity Communicated through Performance

Emily Bishop
Miyazaki's Films and the Utopia Within

Robert Castillo, Sergio Vargas, Audrey Weaver, Melissa Zambrano
Ethnographic Film Project: Production and Post Production

Nathaniel Gingrich
Pillars of Fear: Gothic Literature's Influence on the Modern Horror Film

Kelleigh Kuehl
Connecting Art and Mathematics: A Look at Symmetry in Italian Cathedrals

Katherine Madel
Shaping the Future by Shaping the Past: A Look at the Use of Language in Holocaust Museums

Alexis Marsh
Parent-Adolescent Relationships and Adolescent Self-Esteem in Northern Ireland

Miguel Purgimon
The Perception and Social Impact of the World Cup: An Analysis of Rio de Janeiro Based on Income Level

Jack Ryan
Broadway or Bust: Conventional Differences between Musical Theatre Styles of New York and London

Madeline Wierzal
The Immortality of King Arthur's Legend

2012 - 2013 Individual and Group Research Projects

Megan Cave
Formative Assessment in the Republic of Ireland

Michele Dobbs
Looking Outside Our Borders: U.S. History in an International Context

Amber Dvorak
Jingle Lizard: An Undergraduate 3D Animated Short

Fiona Ian
The Construction and Reflection of Hong Kong Identity through the Contemporary Film Her Fatal Ways and the Television Program Inbound Troubles

Anna McGreal
Neo-Totemism and the Anti-Whaling Campaign

Julie Mussared
Strange Foreigner, A Study of Japanese Interactions with Tourists

Meghan Pickett
Students versus Counselors: A Cross-Cultural Investigation of Prominent Stressors and Outreach Programming from the Perspective of British Undergraduates and University Counselors

Kelly Rasmussen
The Disneyization of the Future: Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress and the Dystopian Picture it Paints

Tiffany Tindell
German Fascination with the American Indian: From Karl May and the Nineteenth Century to the Present

Tyler Ward
Study of Contemporary Wesleyan Societies in Britain

Ian Wright
Kynjamyndir - Strange Pictures: Responding to Icelandic Landscape and Culture

2011 - 2012 Individual and Group Research Projects

Jessica Coffey
The Journey Up: A Study of Secularization and its Impact on Christianity and Young Adults in the U.K.

Katherine Hoekstra
Act Local, Think Global: Integration into the Chinese Market

Carly Johnston
Identity Management in the Hashemite Kingdom: An Analysis of Coping Mechanisms Utilized by Expatriates Living in Jordan

Haley Kirk
How in situ and ex situ Conservation Programs in the Maya Highlands Contribute to Crop Diversity Preservation and Community Development

Colin Loeffler
Richard in the Present: Staging Disability in the Twenty-first Century

Giuseppe Pellicano
Left, Left, Left, Right, Left

Brittnea Roozen
Tuning in to the RTLM: The Effect of Incendiary Media Propaganda in Eliciting Radical Behavior

Emma Rothenfluh
Cultural Analysis of Thai Children's Books

Michelle Ruffatti
Natural and Restored Wetlands

Alana Kay Shuma
Petticoats, Parlors and Politics: How Mary Todd Lincoln Intertwined Domestic Duties and Politics

Louis Waldmeir
Regional German Beer Culture: Contemporary Concerns in a Changing Tradition

2010 - 2011 Individual and Group Research Projects

Jessica Berger
Art Arrangement and Intimacy: The Dichotomy of Private and Public Museums in the United States

Veronica Blue
A Curriculum of Excellence: Scotland's Education Reform and its Implications on Primary Literacy Instruction

Michelle Branigan
The Enthesial Architecture of the Human Foot: An Analysis of the Force-bearing Tissues at the Tibialis Anterior Tendon Enthesis

P. Tyler Buchenot
Using Interactive Media to Chronicle a D-Term Experience

Andrew DuBois
Exploring the Effects of YAK1 on Saccharomyces Cerevisiae and Saccharomyces Bayanus Growth Rates

Suzan (Rima) Gungor
The Effect of Gene Sharp’s Nonviolent Methodology on Freedom Movements using the Lithuanian Model

Madison Henry
The Enthesial Architecture of the Human Foot: An Analysis of the Achilles Tendon Enthesis

Edvard Joseph
Happiness Matters: A Case Study of the Impact of Gross National Happiness on Governmental Policy in the Kingdom of Bhutan

Megan King
A Study on Change in Spanish Accounting Education

Jessica Pantel
The Wari Empire: Patterns of Violence through Skeletal Analysis of the Callejon de Huaylas Valley, Peru

Emily Rademaker
Following the Footsteps of Influence: Tracking the Research of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm with Modern Techniques

Megan Shoemate
Francophones at the Political Fault Line: A Discourse Analysis of Minority French Advocate Parties in Brussels

Edmund Sinnot
A Study of Viennese Cafés

2009 - 2010 Individual and Group Research Projects

Mallory Blanchard
Understanding Peruvian Work Related Values

Laura Constantine
An Assessment of the Trajectory of Tidal Marsh Development After Restoration

Rachel Garthe
A Pathway to Depression: The Effects of Self-Inefficacy and Peer Victimization on Scottish Children

Stephanie Kuersten
Comic Convention Subculture in the United States and France

Amanda Laesch
The Refugee Career and its Contingencies

Erin Martin, Stewart Charles, Garrett Lutz and Madeline Moton
Observing Legal Oral Arguments from Multiple Perspectives: A Relevant Experience through an Interdisciplinary Lens

Steve Oliveri
Community Radio and the Empowerment of the Kiberan Community

Allison Pawelczyk
Victim or Perpetrator?: Constructing an historical narrative through the public sphere in post-World War II Austria

Ryan Piers
Susan D. Moeller's 'Compassion Fatigue' Preventing Journalism Methods and How They were Applied when Reporting on the LRA

Emily Rademaker
The Brand of Brothers: A Semiotic Ethnography of History and Fairy Tales in Modern German Culture

Alexis Smith
Iconography in Greece as an Interpretive Lens for Broader Social Issues

Weien Wang
Driven Before the Market We Drive: A Participant-Observation Study of the Low-Wage Worker in Urban China

Timothy Whitney
The Climate of Homelessness: How the design of a shelter is affected by different climates

2008 - 2009 Individual Research Projects

Jeffrey Cisowski
An Oral History of a Hitler Youth German Boy in the Final Days of World War Two

Julia Fornek
Pedagogical Impacts on the World of Technical Theatre, Singapore, and North Central College

Brigit Goudie
Tea for Two and Coffee Talk: Comparative Portraits of Colchester, Essex, England and Naperville, Illinois, USA, Seen through the Cultural Lens of Coffee Shops and Tea Shops

Michal Kaczorowski
An Analysis of Former German Democratic Republic Socialist Personality

Kathryn Kossak
The Effects of Hands-on Inquiry on Students' Interest and knowledge of Science

Priscilla Martinez
Tea for Two and Coffee Talk: Comparative Portraits of Colchester, Essex, England and Naperville, Illinois, USA, Seen through the Cultural Lens of Coffee Shops and Tea Shops

Brittany McNelly
The Effects of Hands-on Inquiry on Students' Interest and knowledge of Science

James Nebl
The Reintegration of Hong Kong in The People's Republic of China and the Effects Upon Democratization

Amy Rollins
A Deeper Look at the Kibera Slums Community Development Program

Weien Wang
Assimilation and Rejection: The Receipt of Western Medicine in Today's Urban China

Laurel White
Barack'n in the Satirical World: How the Election of Barack Obama Changed the Culture of Political Satire in America

2007 - 2008 Individual Research Projects

Amanda Bert
Frida Kahlo: Locating Gender and "The Self" in Self- Portraits

Kendel Brady
Opportunity and Success: A Study of German International Schools

Kimberly Brook
Teaching in Different Cultures

Claudia Chlebek
Measuring the Digital Divide: A Study of the Effect of Informational Communicating Technologies (ICT) on Economic Development in Poland

Jessica Cohen
The Feminization of Turkish Fairy Tales in a Contested Zone of Culture

Heather Farnum
The Evolution of the Influence of Variables on the Naturally High Antioxidative Activity of Plant Phenolic Compounds

Paul Finnegan
A Study of Changing Political Attitudes in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

Brianna Hyslop
21st Century Travel Letters: Exploring Turkish and Tunisian Culture through Lady Mary's Model

Michelle LeDonne
Opera as Text: Reading Representations of the Female in Live Opera Performance

Sarah Martin
Defining Literacy: A Study of Literacy in London and Nairobi

Esther McCarty
Lost Lives: A Study of Transitional Homes for Human Trafficking Victims in Thailand

Sarah McCutsheon
English Education in Indonesia: A Qualitative Study of it's Purpose, Benefits and Drawbacks

Jessica Schmidt
The Effects of Islam on Curriculum and Instruction within Schools of Turkey and Tunisia

Kelsey Staudacher
The Face of Development: A Case Study of Burkinabe Women's Fight to Survive and Hope to Persevere

Kelsey Staudacher
The Politics of Development: A Case Study of the Collaboration Efforts of the International Fund for Agricultural Development North American Liaison Office, Washington DC

Laurel Write
British Perceptions of the 2008 Presidential Campaign in America

2007 - 2008 Group Research Projects

Jeff Cisowski, Tara Cobb, Heather Erickson, Sara Lovell, Carlos Robles, Sarah Sanderson, and Nicholas Warrens
Health Care Delivery in Guatemala: A Case Study

2006 - 2007 Individual Research Projects

Deanna Furlano
Measuring Science Interest and Acquisition of Process Skills Across Three Cultures

April Green
The Power Dynamics of Congressional Delegations: Congressional Leadership in Bipartisan States

Chelsea Lamont
Silent Voices: A Cultural Comparison between the Contexts of Holocaust Photography in the Construction of Victim Testimony

Melissa Matlock
Using Microcredit as a Tool to Alleviate Poverty: A Case Study in Virudhunagar, India

Megan O'Neil
Demystifying the Cattle Call: Multiple Perspectives on the Process of Regional Auditions

Cassandra Peterson
Relationship Between Gender and Science Interest Across three Cultures

2006 - 2007 Group Research Projects

Morgan Brown, Michelle Grabowski, Lindsey Howard, Rena Schergen, Pavel Solyak, Kelsey Staudacher, Jessica Stephen and Rolando Zambrano
Mayas in the Marketplace: Intersections of Tourism, Economic Development and Community

2005 - 2006 Individual Research Projects

Michelle Boik
A Neighborhood Tapestry: The Sights and Sounds of Chicago

Bridget Borsdorf
Social Activism through Music Festivals

Ana Campos
Higher Education in Spain and the United States

Amado Carrasco
Interpreting the Transmission of Flamenco Art

Claudia Chlebek
The Role and Importance of Motivation in the Acquisition of Foreign Languages in the European Countries of Poland and Spain

Heather Coakley
The First Week on Campus: Group Identity and the Effects of Leadership on the Success of New Student Programs

Kara Friel
Post-Colonial Border and Maritime Dispute: Spain and Morocco

Sylvia Hassert
Chinese Attitudes Towards Health and Illness

Debra Hayes
Conditions that Compel People to Explore Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment at the Huai Hua Red Cross Hospital for Difficult and Chronic Conditions in Southwestern China

Denise Homquist
How to End Hunger

Ebony Jones
American Students Studying Abroad in Costa Rica

Emily MacGruder
Spanish Press Coverage of the Muslim Population: Public Perceptions and Media Responses

Kara Reinhart
Changing Attitudes in Eastern Medicine: A Study of Taiwan

Carlota Rodelo
Higher Education Decisions for Latinas: The Dialogue between Latina Adolescents and their Parents

Rena Schergen
Mayan Traditional Dress in Xela, Guatemala and Its Significance in Pan-Mayanism

Peter Sipla
Regional Irish Dialects for Use in Theater

Kelsey Staudacher
Life of Orphans in SOS Children's Home Nairobi, Kenya

Derek Sturn

Exploration of Ireland for Theater

Rachael Young
What Makes a Mecca? A Tour of What Makes "Great Public Places" Great