North Central College - Naperville, IL

Funding Opportunities

Funding opportunities include:

  • Research conducted by individual students
  • Projects initiated by a member of the faculty involving a small group of students

Individual Projects: Most proposals are submitted by an individual undergraduate student who works one-on-one with a North Central faculty member to design an independent study project and write a proposal. A successful proposal is well-grounded in the scholarly literature, asks a specific research question, and relies upon an effective methodology.

Students who are awarded grants receive funding toward their transportation, lodging, meals, and related data collection expenses. Some students conduct their research during December term or summers, while others set aside time to conduct research while they are studying abroad for a term. Depending upon their area of study, students collect data using a variety of methodologies, from surveys and observations to case studies and interviews.

Upon returning to campus, Richter-funded students enroll in an independent study or honor thesis class where they work with their faculty advisor to complete their project. Nearly all these students present their research results at the North Central College Rall Symposium for Undergraduate Research as well as other off-campus conferences.


Students Conducting Richter Research
Ryan Piers '11                       Ian Wright '13                           Brittnea Roozen '11
Uganda                                 Iceland                                      Rwanda  

Group Projects:
On occasion, a faculty member may submit a proposal for a small group of students to participate in independent reearch that is within the context of a larger group effort. Within the proposal, each participating student writes a small section that relates to his or her research question and the unique contribution it brings to the overall project. While shorter than an individual proposal, each student's section is grounded in and informed by academic sources. Funding is limited to $750 per student.

Group Richter Project in DC
Garrett Lutz, Erin Martin, Professor Thomas Cavenagh, Madeline Moton, and Stew Charles
pose with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg