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Mock Trial

Perform the work of a lawyer, expert witness or judge. Deliver opening statements and closing arguments. Examine and cross-examine witnesses. Testify as a plaintiff or defendant. You’ll do it all for civil and criminal court cases as a member of North Central’s Mock Trial team.

Mock Trial provides valuable experience for anyone planning to pursue a legal career, of course. But this is not a pre-law activity at North Central. We welcome and encourage interested students of every major—it’s a great way to develop your public speaking skills, your ability to think on your feet, and your powers of persuasion.

The Mock Trial tournament season runs through fall and winter terms (and into the spring when the team advances to nationals). You’ll compete with teams from across the region and the country, such as the University of Michigan, University of Chicago and the University of Notre Dame.

You may also:

  • Consult with practicing prosecutors and attorneys, sitting judges and experts as you prepare your cases.
  • Apply for Mock Trial scholarships.
  • Compete against colleges and universities of all sizes, from all parts of the United States, in American Mock Trial Association competition.
  • Travel to tournaments throughout the region or around the country.
Mock Trial

Before he set foot on campus for classes, Brandon received a Mock Trial scholarship. “Being involved in Mock Trial confirmed my interest in law,” he says. “I’ve learned about the legal profession through people I’ve met and behind-the-scenes things I never would have experienced if not for Mock Trial.”

Of all the roles he plays in Mock Trial, Brandon enjoys serving as lawyer the most. He’s good at it, too. In his first tournament of the season, he won Outstanding Attorney while competing against others from large universities and winning programs.

“I’d encourage anyone interested in Mock Trial to check it out,” he says. “All majors and careers can benefit. The best skills I’ve gained are writing...

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