North Central College - Naperville, IL

Leadership, Ethics & Values

North Central’s Leadership, Ethics and Values (LEV) program is unlike any other program in the United States. It expands and enhances your work in every major, giving you a framework to learn, practice and develop leadership skills within a framework of values.

You can choose among three minors and two concentrations within LEV and combine them in a variety of ways to enhance your major area of study. For example, if you major in biology, you may want to add a concentration in ethics. Or, if you choose to major in political science, you can add a minor in conflict resolution or social change leadership and a concentration in leadership.

Adding these minor or concentration options will boost your résumé or graduate school application. We even offer an integrated undergraduate/graduate program that allows you to complete your bachelor’s degree in any major and a master’s degree in leadership studies in just five years.

You may also:

  • Learn how values relate to ethics, to your leadership and ultimately to the world around you.
  • Receive a scholarship if chosen a Distinguished Leader.
  • Put your leadership skills to work by participating in student groups, such as iLead for first-year students, Blue Key National Honors Society for upperclassmen and LEVerage for all students.
  • Choose a minor in leadership, conflict resolution, or social change leadership, or a concentration in leadership or ethics.
  • Personalize your leadership experience by combining LEV courses with internships, campus activities and program participation.

From the start of his college career, Matt wanted to focus on leadership. He connected with iLead, the Leadership, Ethics & Values (LEV) program for first-year students, and was awarded a scholarship as a Distinguished Leader.

One of his first LEV classes challenged him to find a solution to a problem that troubled him. For Matt, that problem was negative speech and slurs and the people targeted by them. His class project was widely engaged across campus and led to the formation of NCC Thinks, a student group that raises awareness through creative projects.

“LEV gave me opportunities to practice and develop important skills, especially teamwork. I learned that by sharing creativity, effort and...

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