North Central College - Naperville, IL

The Kindling

Satire. Parody. Subversion. Controversy. Call it what you will, North Central College’s humor magazine, The Kindling, entertains readers by lampooning student life and campus news three times a year. You can join a team of student editors, writers, cartoonists and photographers, combining your creative writing, journalism and artistic talents to concoct mock stories, essays and cartoons to bring laughter to campus.

While The Kindling allows you creative expression in pushing the limits in its subject matter, you’ll gain experience identifying what those limits are. For each issue, a faculty advisor guides engaging editorial discussions about selections and the implications of their inclusion. Ultimately, content decisions are owned by student editors—as well as the praise or criticism that follows. In the process, editors develop an important skill—the ability to recognize the nuanced line between innovative or offensive commentary.

You can also:

  • Gain hands-on experience writing, revising, designing and distributing a regularly printed journal.
  • Receive one credit per term as a staff member (1.5 credits for editors) or just do it for fun.
  • Get published in one of the few college humor magazines in Illinois.
  • Participate in workshops with fellow students to develop your skill as a humorist.
Co-Editor-in-Chief, The Kindling

Mike immersed himself in The Kindling in his first year and has missed only two meetings in three years.

“Even as an entry-level staff member, you’re part of the whole process," Mike says. "You write your articles, workshop it, take accompanying photographs, lay them out on the computer and then, finally, get to distribute the print versions."

Now a co-editor-in-chief, he oversees the operation, working diligently to keep variety in the humor. “We’ve got a little bit of everything and I love that,” Mike says.

Mike also knows what he’s doing applies to his future. “Sharing ideas and working together to get a collaborative work out by a deadline parallels almost every office job,” Mike says...

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