North Central College - Naperville, IL

Level 4

Honors Thesis & Graduation

Level 4 Honors Thesis & GraduationWhile our foundation is community, we also underscore the value of completing a rigorous and independent capstone project—one that is born out of a student's own interests and that reflects the culmination of her or his undergraduate studies. A Senior Honors Thesis is required of all College Scholars, but the topic is a personal choice, and since this is a new experience for every student we provide a variety of supports to guide you through the process, starting when you first enter the program.

Each thesis is guided by two full-time faculty members, and most College Scholars present their thesis research at a regional or national conference. In addition, many honors students receive Richter Grants to fund international research that supports their thesis projects.

Recent honors theses have explored the topics:

  • The Reintegration of Hong Kong into Mainland China
  • Representations of the Female in Opera Performances
  • The Effects of Body Symmetry on Athletic Performance and Self Efficacy
  • Information and Communication Technology's impact on Polish Economic Development
  • Locating Gender and 'The Self' in Frida Kahlo's Self Portraits
  • Is Hate Speech Free Speech?"