North Central College - Naperville, IL

Level 3

Personalized Pursuits & Research

Building upon the studies College Scholars complete through North Central's honors curriculum and through their major or minor, the next level of our approach encompasses more personalized pursuits and opportunities for research and leadership. Below are some of the options available to all our students:Level 3 Personalized Pursuits and Research

  • The Richter Grant Program, started in 1977, reflects North Central's long-standing commitment to funding undergraduate research projects that go beyond the ordinary. Full-time students in any major and in any year at North Central are eligible to apply for these competitive grants of up to $5,000 to cover travel and research expenses for projects conducted anywhere in the world. Many of our College Scholars' honors theses grow out of earlier Richter projects or are supported through Richter funding.
  • Summer research fellowships of up to $2,500 are also available for students engaged in faculty-led research projects on campus. This is an excellent way for high-achieving students to collaborate in a more focused and intensive manner with our faculty members. In addition to developing research skills in one's discipline and experiencing the joys and frustrations of discovery and professional creativity, summer research students are invited to participate in a weekly colloquium where faculty/student teams discuss their progress and share their work.
  • Research opportunities often lead to conference presentations as a way of communicating one's results and defending one's claims publicly. All North Central students can submit proposals to present their scholarly and artistic accomplishments at our annual Rall Symposium for Undergraduate Research. In addition, our Student Conference Travel Program provides annuall funding for each student to help cover travel and registration costs for professional conferences, honors conferences, or national undergraduate research conferences at which a student's project has been accepted for presentation.