North Central College - Naperville, IL

Level 2

Honors Courses

Level 2 Honors CoursesBuilding upon the program's "community" foundation, our innovative curriculum includes courses that meet the College's general education requirement and fit within any majors or minors. Unlike many other colleges, we believe it's not only possible but also important for outstanding students in all areas to have the chance to engage each other through common honors coursework.

This shared curriculum reflects the program's emphasis on:

  • Careful reading, lively group dialogue, and scholarly writing
  • The integration of knowledge through interdisciplinary courses (like our History of Ideas sequence and our upper-level Honors Seminars)
  • Global learning and the value of studying abroad
  • Imagining and designing creative and independent research projects
  • Developing leadership and teamwork skills
  • A culminating honors thesis guided by two faculty members

Students admitted into the program will enroll in a total of 21 honors credits, most of which satisfy general education or major requirements, our honors curriculum includes the following:

  • Honors First-Year Experience / 1.0 cr
  • Two or more courses from the "History of Ideas" sequence / 6.0 cr
  • Honors Second Year Course "What is Truth?" / 1.0 cr
  • "History of Economic Thought" or "Landmark Discoveries" / 3.0 cr
  • Honors Third Year Course "Thesis Design Workshop" / 1.0 cr
  • One Interdisciplinary Honors Seminar (3rd or 4th year) / 3.0 cr
  • Study Abroad or an additional Honors Seminar / 3.0 cr
  • Senior Honors Thesis / 3.0 cr

Students must maintain a 3.0 minimum GPA in honors courses as well as maintain an overall 3.0 minimum GPA to remain in the College Scholars Honors Program.