North Central College - Naperville, IL

Level 1


Level 1 CommunityThe College Scholars Honors Program begins with community. The most basic level of our approach to honors education is simply bringing students together to cultivate friendships, provide context for personal connections and exchange ideas. As a first-year honors student, you'll participate in:

  • A fall retreat where first-year students get to know each other through icebreakers and team-building exercises, while getting familiarized with the College Scholars program.
  • A residence hall option for academically-focused, first-year students, with planned social and cultural events for all College Scholars.
  • "College Scholars Colloquy" where guest-speakers give short presentations and lead lively discussions. With honors students from all majors and classes participating, the dialogue is always fresh, unpredictable, and engaging.

Community participation continues throughout your involvement in College Scholars. So whether it's through a conversation at our Colloquies, a service project tutoring local children, or one of our other honors events--like our annual "Chocolate Festival" or thesis writing party--our aim is the same: building a community of excellence and promoting excellence through community.