North Central College - Naperville, IL

2013 Honors Thesis

Congratulations to the following College Scholars who have completed their Honors Theses for the 2012-2013 academic year:

Michelle Branigan Etiology, Pathology and Treatment of Foot Tendon Injuries
Directed by: Dr. C. O'Connor 2nd Reader: Professor H. Matthews

Kelsey Brummel The Branding of International Higher Education: The Case of U.S. Higher Education
Directed by: Dr. R. Moussetis 2nd Reader: Dr. J. Shindler

Samantha DeWerff Frequency of the SH Variant in FC Gamma Receptors
Directed by: Dr. S. Johnston 2nd Reader: Dr. D. VanHorn

Mary Dickinson Considerations in and the Practice of Translating of Japanese Poetry                                                                                                                              Directed by: Dr. F. Matsubara 2nd Reader: Dr. N. Bard

Andrew Dubois New Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction Techniques for Identifying Oomycete Pathogens of Amphibians
Directed by: Dr. G. Ruthig 2nd Reader: Dr. N. Peterson

Amber Dvorak Jingle Lizard: An Undergraduate 3D Animated Short and Investigation into the 3D Animation
Directed by: Dr. S. Renk 2nd Reader: Mr. D. Kuharchuk

Maria Gommel Cantor’s Continuum Hypothesis: To Infinity and Beyond
Directed by: Dr. M. Pons 2nd Reader: Dr. D. Anstine

Christopher Halverson Towards a Mathematical Model for Building an NBA Championship Team: Predictors of Success in the NBA
Directed by: Dr. R. Wilders 2nd Reader: Dr. G. Wolf

Madison Henry From Professional MD to Web MD: How Online Healthcare Information is Impacting the Clinician-patient Relationship in a Rural Hospital
Directed by: Dr. L. Azarbad 2nd Reader: Dr. T. Morris

Quinton Hoffert Hercules through the Ages: Variations on the Classic Theme in Ancient Myth and Modern Film                                                                                                                Directed by: Dr. M. De Brauw 2nd Reader: Dr. A. Durkin Keating

Jessica Lang College Students’ Views of Teen Pregnancy in Relation to their Religious Devotion
Directed by: Dr. P. Schacht 2nd Reader: Dr. K. Geraty

Trevor Magnotti The Effects of Proprioceptive Training on the Incidence of Lateral Ankle Sprains
Directed by: Professor K. Selsky 2nd Reader: Dr. L. Azarbad

Anna McGreal Anthropological Effects on Whaling as a Political Issue
Directed by: Dr. M. Krystal 2nd Reader: Dr. W. Barnett

Michele Moes The Persecution of the German-Americans During WWI
Directed by: Dr. G. Wolf 2nd Reader: Dr. K. Geraty

Carl Monk James Madison’s Scottish Education: Common Sense, Experimentation, and Reason Shape America
Directed by: Dr. A. Durkin Keating 2nd Reader: Dr. T. Morris

Alina Perez The Influence of Partisan Politics and Values on Chicago-area College Students Concerning Health Care Reform in the 2012 Presidential Election
Directed by: Dr. J. Visick 2nd Reader: Dr. K. Kelley

Madalyn Phillips Exploring the Relatively Unknown Jury of Peers
Directed by: Professor T. Cavenagh 2nd Reader: Mr. D. Nix

Carissa Rosine Exploring the Role of Color in the Memory Advantage Seen in Grapheme-Color Synethetes
Directed by: Dr. D. VanHorn 2nd Reader: Dr. S. Johnston

Michelle Ruffatti A Greenhouse Study on the Improvement of Soil Quality with Biochar as a Soil Amendment
Directed by: Dr. J. Jankowski 2nd Reader: Dr. C. Weilhoefer

Tyler Schroeder A Classification of Uniform Edge-Colorings
Directed by: Dr. N. Nicholson 2nd Reader: Dr. M. Krystal

McKenna Sheridan Emotion in Contemporary Dance
Directed by: Dr. K. Heller 2nd Reader: Professor C. Silkitas

Megan Shoemate Francophones at the Fault Line: Discourse Analysis and Language Conflict
Directed by: Dr. J. Shindler 2nd Reader: Dr. F. Matsubara

Alana Shuma Politics, Parlors and Mary Lincoln: The Role of the Politician’s Wife in Nineteenth Century America
Directed by: Dr. A. Durkin Keating 2nd Reader: Dr. W. Koenig

Kristin Soforic Using Induced Hypocrisy to Reduce Texting while Driving
Directed by: Dr. H. Coon 2nd Reader: Dr. K. Geraty

Todd Tabor Cross-Cultural Attitudes toward Vacation Time in the U.S. and Abroad
Directed by: Dr. K. Kelley 2nd Reader: Dr. J. Clifton

Victoria Volckmann College Students and E-book Readers: Perceptions, Attitudes, and Recommendations
Directed by: Professor J. Small 2nd Reader: Dr. M. Galvan

Louis Waldmeir Deutsches Bier: Examining Regional Identity and National Symbolism
Directed by: Dr. G. Wolf 2nd Reader: Dr. S. Macek

Frank Wleklinski Theirs Not to Reason Why: Understanding the Motivations of Marine Corps Officer Candidates
Directed by: Dr. K. Geraty 2nd Reader: Dr. P. Hamalis

Mark Zajac From Cold War Era Germany to the Middle East of Today: The Relevance of German Film to Contemporary Political Issues
Directed by: Dr. G. Wolf 2nd Reader: Dr. W. Muck