North Central College - Naperville, IL

2011 Honors Theses

Congratulations to the following College Scholars who have completed their Honors Theses for the 2010-2011 academic year:

Nicole Autry Once Upon a Tournament: Using Narratives to Foster Organizational Identification Forensics Teams
Directed by: Prof. A. Buxbaum 2nd Reader: Prof. T. Morris

Josh Bailey Freedom or Slavery? Evaluating the Feminist Debate on Prostitution and Sex Trafficking
Directed by: Prof. T. Cavenagh 2nd Reader:  Prof. A. Keating

Mallory Blancahrd Exploring Peruvian Work Values
Directed by: Prof. R. Moussetis 2nd Reader: Prof. D. Gray

Kathryn Braun The Influence of Translation on Meaning: A Comparative Analysis of English Translations of San Juan de la Cruz' Llama de amor viva
Directed by:
Prof. P. Martinez-Cruz 2nd Reader: Prof. F. Navakas

Patrick Burfield W. B. Yeat's Poetry on the Irish Revolution and Civil War:  The Seeds of Fascism
Directed by: Prof. M. Bohrer 2nd Reader: S. Ilahi

Richard Gacek Invisible Hand Subverted by Iron Fist: The Economic Dislocation and Suffering Wrought by Statism
Directed by: Prof. A. Whitaker 2nd Reader: Prof. G. Thalmann

Bianca Gavin Teaching German: An Analysis of Materials & Methodologies in Secondary and Post-Secondary Textbooks
Directed by: Prof. G. Wolf 2nd Reader: Prof. N. Bard

Bethany Henning Vocalizing Desire: Kristeva's "Postmodern" Narrative Ethics
Directed by: Prof. D. Fisher 2nd Reader: Prof. S. Eaton

Grace Hollister Framing Human Trafficking:  Textual Silences and Their Influence on the Public
Directed by: Prof. M. Berkland 2nd Reader: Prof. W. Muck

Amy Hoover Accounting for Change: The Move Towards IFRS
Directed by: Prof. D. Gray 2nd Reader: Prof. R. Moussetis

Stephanie Kuersten Determining the Existence of a Comic Convention Subculture in the United States and France
Directed by:
Prof. S. Hand 2nd Reader: Prof. K. Geraty

Timothy Lesiewicz Analyzing the Cost of the Health Care System
Directed by: Prof. T. Morris 2nd Reader: Prof. D. Anstine

Patrick Maloney The House that Reagan Built: A House of Imperialism, Individualism, and Intolerance
Directed by: Prof. W. Muck 2nd Reader: Prof. S. Chod

Melissa Massey Akari: The Making of a Graphic Novel
Directed by: Prof. F. Navakas 2nd Reader: Prof. W. Koenig

Lisa Mueller Why Did the Equal Rights Amendment Fail in Illinois? Grassroots and Political Maneuvering For and Against the ERA
Directed by: Prof. A. Keating 2nd Reader: Prof. P. King

Patrick Nebl Humor and Attraction
Directed by: Prof. T. Sawyer 2nd Reader: W. Barnett

Mike O'Connor Innocent Until Proven Guilty ... Or So You Thought
Directed by: Prof. K. Kelley 2nd Reader: Prof. A. Buxbaum

Allison Pawelczyk Victim or Perpetrator? Constructing a Historical Narrative Through the Public Sphere in Post- World War II Austria
Directed by: Prof. G. Wolf 2nd Reader: Prof. B. Trobisch

Ryan Piers Journalism in Central Africa, and the Methods Used to Report on Particular Crisis in the Region
Directed by: Prof. S. Macek 2nd Reader: Prof. W. Muck

Nathan Pierson Math and Philosophy: Comparing Ways of Knowing
Directed by: Prof. R. Wilders 2nd Reader: Prof. R. Lehe

Grant Swanson Is Authentic Experience Present in the Pursuit of Identity in Modern American Literature
Directed by: Prof. F. Navakas 2nd Reader: Prof. K. Geraty

Weien Wang Driven Before the Market We Drive: A Participant-Observation Study of the Low Wage Worker in Urban China
Directed by: Prof. J. Anstine 2nd Reader: Prof. K. Kelley

Timothy Whitney Architecture & Climate: A Cross-Comparison of Shelter Design in 5 American Cities
Directed by: Prof. S. Caliendo 2nd Reader: Prof. S. Macek