North Central College - Naperville, IL

2007 Honors Theses

Congratulations to those students who have completed their Honors Theses in the  2006-2007 academic year.

Katherine Bowman
The Trinity: Through Creed and Image

Aaron Buss
Children's Representational Flexibility

Stephanie Cady
The Economics and Legal Issues Influencing the Oil Market in Illinois

Jordan DeRenzo
The Art of Frozen Time

Charles W. Gatz
If Calculus Students Got What They Wanted, and Why we Wouldn't Like it that Way: A Foray into the Methodology of Research Mathematics

Christin Goetz
Attitudes toward Disability

Jasmina Hadzic
Illegal Trade of Small Arms in Bosnia

Debra Hayes
Chinese Medicine - Cultivation and Innovation Within the World System

Sarah Homan
Ethnic Music in America: The Role of Klezmer Musik in Jewish Immigrant Families During the Holocaust

Kristi Hornickel
West Suburban Decks: A Functional Business Plan

Robert Krzyzanowski
Spatially Correlated Disturbances in a Locally and Globally Dispersing Population Model

Catherine Mary Kustusch
A Different Voice: Catholic Female Leadership in the 21st Century

Chelsea Lamont
A Window to the Past: Photography as a Source of Testimony to the Holocaust

Aileen Morrissey
Communications Technology and the War Reporter: 150 Years of Developing Interaction

Steven Mroczkowski
Evolving Intimacy: The Progressive Action of the United States Supreme Court

Christopher Orlock
West of Death: Peckinpah and Cinema

Huma Rashid
From the Cave: Everyday Islam

Kara Reinhart
Changing Attitudes in Eastern Medicine: A Study of Taiwan

Kristina L. Scherer
The Problems with Athletics in Higher Education

Katherine Smrt
Integrated Marketing Communication Proposal

Danielle Tinkoff
Postmodern Aesthetics and the Image of Deletion

Courtney Vining
Effects of Type of Preparation on Menstrual Attitudes: A Retrospective Study