North Central College - Naperville, IL

Distinctive Opportunities

A college education is easily associated with attending a set of classes, completing a major, and obtaining a diploma that will be of help in applications for grad school or employment.  What's harder to imagine is a place where you can practice intellectual and personal leadership, take responsibility for your own learning, and fulfill the dreams of a lifetime to:

  • enter national and international conversations about pressing societal problems;
  • travel anywhere in the world to pursue a research project arising out of your major, your career interests, or your passion for a favorite author, Broadway show, or deep-seated commitment to influence public policy;
  • spend your summer on campus as part of a research team in partnership with your chemistry or history professor;
  • take a term or a year abroad, taking courses, pursuing an internship, and immersing yourself in a region of the world;
  • present and perform at undergraduate conferences at the local, regional, and national levels—or take your work to professional association conferences where you can interact with a wide range of specialists in your proposed field; or
  • prepare an academic profile and portfolio in support of your candidacy for participation in the Fulbright, Oxford, or Japanese Exchange and Teaching programs, or comparable programs of extraordinary distinction following graduation.

Faculty and staff will help you translate these dreams into well-developed plans that can be smoothly implemented into your educational plan at North Central.  You’ll meet many individuals you’d never thought possible and develop your talents in ways that might surprise you!

Forbidden City

Brianna Greene spent nearly four months in Beijing and Kyoto as part of North Central's own China/Japan Program. Here she's shown in the Forbidden City in Beijing, obviously having the time of her life!

North Central is rare among undergraduate institutions in affording students the chance to immerse themselves in both cultures in one study abroad experience.

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