North Central College - Naperville, IL

Dispute Resolution


"Advising the Compromising"

The North Central College Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) provides academic programs, peer mediation and community outreach opportunities. The DRC houses:

  • A student-run newsletter for The Illinois State Bar Association entitled "In the Alternative".
  • A student-run Peer Mediation program.
  • A Campus outreach program that offers facilitation services and conflict management training.
  • A resource center available to the entire community that offers information related to all facets of conflict resolution.

Additionally, the DRC provides unique, hands-on opportunities for students wishing to improve their conflict management and negotiation skills. Some of these opportunities include:

  • Mediating disputes for local courts, area businesses and churches, and other entities.
  • Training business, churches, colleges and schools in dispute resolution.
  • Internship opportunities on and off campus.

If you have questions or comments about the North Central College Dispute Resolution Center, please contact any of the following:

Thomas D. Cavenagh, JD
Schneller Sisters Professor of Leadership, Ethics and Values
Director Leadership, Ethics and Values Program
Director Dispute Resolution Center
(630) 637-5157

Meet the Director of the Dispute Resolution Center




Thomas D. Cavenagh, JD

He is the author of

  • Business Dispute Resolution: Best Practices, System Design and Case Management

and the co-author of

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution for Business by West Publishing Company
  • CyberJustice: A Guide to Online Dispute Resolution for E-Commerce by Prentice-Hall