North Central College - Naperville, IL

Urban and Suburban Studies

Naperville may be connected to Chicago with a tollway and a Metra train, but how else is this fast-growing suburb related to one of the world’s most vibrant cities? How do inner cities and suburbs fit into their larger metropolitan regions?

We offer a unique academic program that combines both urban and suburban issues. Naperville’s ideal setting allows you to explore the culture of both the suburbs and the city. You can also spend a term studying, working and volunteering in Chicago, through the College’s Chicago Term experience.

If you pursue a minor in urban and suburban studies, you will come to understand issues of transportation, housing, employment, segregation, sprawl and education from an urban and suburban perspective become familiar with the people, places and relationships key to understanding cities and suburbs prepare to live and work in an urban/suburban environment and understand the concept of social justice explore the large-scale changes taking place in metropolitan regions and the affect of change on culture, religion, politics, sports and leisure, social problems and the environment.

America's 'Second City'