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Urban and Suburban Studies Courses

NOTE: This page contains all of the regular course descriptions for this discipline or program. Academic credit for each course is noted in parenthesis after the course title. Prerequisites (if any) and the general education requirements, both Core and All-College Requirements (ACRs), which each course fulfills (if any) are noted following each course description. Not all courses are offered every year. Check Merlin, our searchable course schedule, to see which courses are being offered in upcoming terms.

USS 297 Internship (0.00-9.00)
Instructor consent required.

USS 299 Independent Study (1.00-9.00)
Instructor consent required.

USS 300 Urban and Suburban Studies (3.00)
Interdisciplinary exploration of the cultural and sociological dimensions of metropolitan regions. The course is international in scope, explores both cities and their suburbs, and provides the opportunity to examine leadership, ethics, and values in a metropolitan context through the concept of social justice. ACR: Intercultural.

USS 325 Leadership and Place (3.00)
Leadership and Place traces the influence of home towns and home places on contemporary and historical leadership paradigms while considering such ethical questions as: What role does place play in forming a responsible and responsive leader? How does one lead responsibly and well far from home? How and where do rural, urban, and suburban ethical standards and value judgments converge and diverge? Where have the leaders of the past come from and where are they likely to be found in the future? Playing close attention to small communities and neighborhoods as key loci in the production of twentieth-century civic leaders and as ethical centers in a Jeffersonian republic, course texts, lectures, and discussions feature real-life case studies designed to engage students in debates weighing ethical and moral positions viewed through the lens of place. Leadership and Place uniquely encourages students in the stud y of personal (inside-out) as well as cultural (outside-in) place-based, ethical perspectives while inviting them to consider the foundational role home communities play in ethical leadership on the local, regional, and national level. Same as: LEV 325. ACR: Leadership, Ethics, & Values.

USS 397 Internship (0.00-9.00)
Instructor consent required.

USS 399 Independent Study (1.00-9.00)
Instructor consent required.

USS 497 Internship (0.00-9.00)
Instructor consent required.