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Spanish is a global language spoken in 21 countries across the world, each with its own cultural identity that makes study of the language so intriguing. North Central's Spanish program blends rigorous language instruction with the exploration of these expressive cultures to give students not only a skill but an enriching educational experience.

Along with classroom exploration, Spanish faculty foster a vibrant environment to celebrate Spanish culture and customs through clubs and programs. Active student clubs such as Raza Unida and Fusión Española ensure a steady presence of Hispanic and Latino heritage programming on campus.

Our study abroad opportunities offer students the chance to study Spanish while experiencing a culture first-hand. The Costa Rica fall term allows you to perfect your Spanish while earning internship credit in the semi-tropics. Study at Pablo Olavide University in Seville lets you pursue rich course offerings at a respected university in southern Spain.

Our proximity to Chicago, with the nation's third-largest Spanish speaking population, provides real advantages. Students benefit from internships, service opportunities, community involvement, museums, cultural institutions and restaurants where they interact with the community and put their language skills into practice.

In short, the Spanish program at North Central College gives students the skills to be fluent speakers, the intellectual tools to be prepared professionals and the personal enrichment to be global citizens.

Annual Flamenco Festival Brings Sizzle to February

Prof. Jelena Sanchez presents the sixth annual Flamenco Fest, a month-long introduction to the history, art and culture of Flamenco. Find more information and 2015 schedule here.


Heininger Auditorium in Larrance Academic Center, 309 E. School Street.

Keikhofer Hall, 329 E School Street.

Thrust Theatre in Meiley-Swallow Hall, 39 S. Ellsworth.

Madden Theatre in Wentz Concert Hall, 72 Chicago Avenue.

For more information email and number 630-637-5275.

Language, Art, and Culture Come Together

SPN 390 Students





SPN 390 students perform for fellow language students at the language department's annual end-of-year party.

Flamenco Food table






Instructor of Spanish, Jelena Sanchez, describes Spanish cuisine for students attending the Flamenco Festival.