North Central College - Naperville, IL

¿A dónde vas?

Many of our graduates have gone on to careers in diplomacy, journalism, travel, social work, psychology, mission work and international business. A number of students have become teachers and are involved in all levels of education, including area bilingual programs. In several cases, graduates have found a home both abroad and in the U.S.

Kimberly Dallman '14
Major: Spanish
English Teaching Assistant in Madrid
[Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports]
Government of Spain




Haley Kirk '13, Majors: Global Studies (Developing States) and Spanish




Richter grant recipient: researched alternative agriculture and biodiversity in Guatemala.  Develops locally-led farmer education programs for NGO Semilla Nueva  in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala


On the Right, Andrea Contreras '12

Major: Spanish, Minor:  Secondary Education 

Spanish teacher at Solorio Academy High School in Chicago

Marion Gibney-Desmaison '14
Major:  Spanish
Currently:  Masters in Spanish Phonology at Northern Illinois University
Received a TA-ship & teaches 100-level Spanish courses

alumni event

Spanish Alumni Visit 2015

Student center left
Andrea Contreras '12
Spanish Teacher at Solorio
Academy High School in Chicago
Marion Gibney-Desmaison '14
Masters in Spanish Phonology
Northern Illinois University
  Center Right
Stephania Rodriguez ‘14
Masters in Business Administration
Indiana University, Bloomington