North Central College - Naperville, IL

Sociology and Anthropology

Why do Americans recognize only two genders or resist eating their pets? Why are the U. S. murder rates among the highest in the world? Has the institution of family weakened over time? Is education a path to upward mobility? Does race matter in the workplace? Can collective protest bring about social change?

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology invites you to explore these kinds of fascinating questions.

Sociology and Anthropology are closely related disciplines that seek to understand the social and cultural forces that influence human behavior. Sociologists are keenly interested in social relations and structures, especially the intersection of race/ethnicity, social class, gender, and sexual preference. Anthropologists place a greater emphasis on life in pre-industrialized nations, examining diverse cultures and systems of meaning, including what people say, do, make, think, and believe.

In our courses, we emphasize collaborative learning, original data collection, and real world problem-solving in settings, as nearby as Chicago, or as far away as Guatemala and Japan.

But what can you do with this understanding?

Our program emphasizes an active, intentional “public” sociology and anthropology -- where insights and wisdom can be shared with interest groups, volunteer organizations, community service agencies, and the general public to effect change. Our goal is to prepare students to become public intellectuals committed to a just social world achieved through meaningful careers in social work, urban planning, law enforcement, community relations, museum curatorship, research and teaching.

So, if you're intellectually curious, interested in promoting social justice and eager to embark on rewarding career, we encourage to explore what sociology and anthropology have to offer.

SOA Student presents research

Rachel Covarrubias displays her research on Students for a Democratic Society in the SOA 375 Protest and Change course.  Rachel received out Outstanding SOA Major award in 2008 and she is currently teaching fifth grade in the Chicago area