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Neuroscience Courses

NOTE: This page contains all of the regular course descriptions for this discipline or program. Academic credit for each course is noted in parenthesis after the course title. Prerequisites (if any) and the general education requirements, both Core and All-College Requirements (ACRs), which each course fulfills (if any) are noted following each course description. Not all courses are offered every year. Check Merlin, our searchable course schedule, to see which courses are being offered in upcoming terms.

NSC 100 Introduction to Neuroscience (3.75)
This course provides an introduction to the structure and function the nervous system. Topics include its contributions to a range of behaviors and phenomena including sensation and perception, homeostasis, biological rhythms, emotions, learning and memory, consciousness and psychopathology. Laboratory required. Core: Science (Lab).

NSC 200 Behavioral Neuroscience (3.00)
An examination of the manner in which genetic, environmental, biochemical, and physiological factors contribute to the neurological basis of behavior. Special attention is given to the neural contributions to reproductive behavior, psychopharmacology, fear, emotion, learning, memory, communication, stress, ingestion, psychiatric, and neurological disorders.

NSC 280 Drugs and Behavior (3.00)
An examination of drug effects on behavior, with emphasis on topics such as the neurophysiology of drug action, drug use versus drug abuse, physical versus psychological dependence and the legal and social implications of drug use. A range of classes of psychoactive drugs is considered, including stimulants, depressants, alcohol, opiates, hallucinogens and psychotherapeutic drugs.

NSC 300 Advanced Behavioral Neuroscience (Lab) (3.75)
Core principles of nervous system function. This course will include topics on behavioral, organismal and molecular aspects of nerve function in organisms ranging from invertebrates to humans. Laboratory required.

NSC 499 Independent Study (1.00-9.00)
Instructor consent required.