North Central College - Naperville, IL

Program and Degree Options

Teaching Physical Education: K-12 Certification Program

Uppon completion of the Teaching Physical Education Major, the student will be certified to teach physical education at the elementary, middle or secondary school level. A maximum of 51 credit hours in HPE is allowed towards the 120 credit graduation requirement. You are required to take:

  • HPE 106 Introduction to Teaching Physical Education
  • HPE 137 First Aid or First Aid certification
  • HPE 195 Motor Learning and Development
  • HPE 200 Methods of Teaching Outdoor and Adventure Education
  • HPE 247 Human Anatomy
  • HPE 255 Methods of Teaching Team Sports
  • HPE 257 Methods of Teaching Individual Sports
  • HPE 276 Methods of Teaching Rhythmic Movement
  • HPE 279 Introduction to Water Safety or WSI/Lifeguard certification
  • HPE 290 Methods of Teaching Adapted Physical Education
  • HPE 311 Methods of Teaching Fitness Education
  • HPE 312 Methods and Evaluation in Physical Education
  • HPE 314 Curriculum Design and Administration in Physical Education
  • HPE 317 Kinesiology
  • BIO 147 Anatomy and Physiology
  • At least one elective from HPE 100-135 or equivalent. HPE 121 does not count toward this requirement.

Additional requirements:

Completion of supplemental Secondary Education major required, including EDN 333.

See Education Department section of catalog for other requirements.  The Teaching Health Education minor is strongly encouraged.

Teaching Health Education Minor

The Teaching Health Education minor provides the requirements for endorsements in middle school and secondary Health Education.

A minimum of 24 credit hours to include:

  • HPE 121     Wellness
  • HPE 230     Community Health
  • HPE 231     School Health
  • HPE 331     Curriculum Development, Methods and Evaluation in Health Education
  • HPE 352     Advanced Concepts of Health
  • PSY 385     Health Psychology

One of the following:

  • HPE 355     Teaching Sexuality Education
  • BIO 300      Human Sexuality

One of the following:

  • BCM 140     Nutrition
  • PSY 280      Drugs and Behavior
  • PSY 282      Stress and Coping

Required Support Courses

  • Minor in Secondary Education
  • All students must take and pass the Illinois Certification Health Content Test in order to obtain the health minor.

Wellness Minor

A minor in Wellness requires 21.5-22.5 credit hours including

  • BCM 140     Nutrition
  • PSY  280     Drugs and Behavior
  • HPE 121      Wellness
  • HPE 103      Weight Training
  • one cardiovascular course and one lifetime activity course
  • 3 credit hours from Religious Studies, Philosophy, or LEV
  • 3 credit hours from SOA or a three credit hour internship in community service

Coaching Minor

A coaching minor requires 23-26 credit hours including

  • HPE 137     First Aid or HPE 225 Introduction to Athletic Training I
  • HPE 150     History of Sport and Physical Education
  • HPE 195     Motor Learning and Development
  • HPE 250     Sport Management
  • HPE 255     Methods of Teaching Team Sports
  • HPE 257     Methods of Teaching Individual Sports
  • HPE 260     Psychological Aspects of Coaching
  • HPE 262     Sport in Modern Society
  • Coaching internship

Majors/Minors in HPE

Check out the requirements for these 4 majors:

Requirements for minors: