North Central College - Naperville, IL

Student Opportunities

Extra-curricular and professional activities that will enrich your philosophy education.

Maybe you’ll pursue philosophy simply for its own sake, through a major or a minor, but you might also take philosophy to support other professional options. Some of our graduates have gone on to graduate school in philosophy, while others have found it to be invaluable preparation for careers in law, medicine and other professions.

As you take up your education in philosophy, you might want to

  • choose an Independent Study course, where you pick a topic of your own in consultation with a member of the philosophy faculty and pursue it in a one-on-one tutorial arrangement with that faculty member
  • select a course topic of interest to you that isn’t offered on a regular basis and pursue it, as a Directed Study course, in a tutorial arrangement with a member of the faculty
  • put together an internship proposal for an employer in the Chicagoland area that’s related to some area of philosophy and/or to some professional or career path you’re following
  • apply for a Richter Independent Study Fellowship, which allows you to engage in a sustained research project that may involve travel within the United States or abroad. You’ll work with a faculty member in advance to craft a proposal that will be read and evaluated by a committee outside the department. This is an excellent opportunity to connect, in a meaningful way, the classroom with real life experiences!
  • get involved in the College Scholars program, the College’s honors program. Specifically, you want to participate in the History of Ideas curriculum, a program in which you’ll read classical texts in the Western intellectual tradition, texts coming from philosophy, religious studies, history, the arts, the social sciences, and some of the natural sciences. This program supplements the study of philosophy very nicely no matter what you decide to do in terms of your career or professional path, and it’s been shown to be very helpful in certain professional or career paths.