North Central College - Naperville, IL


Philosophy can be dangerous! The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates was sentenced to death for, among other things, corrupting the youth of Athens. We will not be corrupting you, but we will help you think about things you take for granted in your everyday life and explore their foundations.

Other areas of inquiry often ask "how" questions.  Students of philosophy usually ask "why" questions, questions that ask for reasons or justifications. These “why?” questions might be directed to such issues as the existence of God or ethical obligations toward strangers who live in other parts of the world. What do we mean by ‘God?’ Can we know God exists? What reasons can we give for the way we answer this question?

Similarly, do we have the same moral obligations to our best friend as we do to people who live in other parts of the world? What is the difference, if there is one, and how would we justify it? 

Our particular strengths are in the philosophical exploration of values (ethical, political, legal, economic, professional and theological) and in the history of philosophy from the ancient Greeks to the present. Join us in our quest! We can assure you that you’ll not meet Socrates’ fate.

Always thinking!