North Central College - Naperville, IL

Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Therapy

In these two health science programs affiliated with Northwestern Memorial Hospital, you can earn a bachelor's degree from North Central College in Nuclear Medicine Technology or Radiation Therapy which will prepare you to become a professional nuclear medicine technologist or a radiation therapist.

Degree options include either the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degrees. These two programs at North Central College are affiliated with the School of Nuclear Medicine  and the School of Radiation Therapy at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Students spend three years at North Central College engaged in a curriculum providing a background in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. This is followed by a 12 month or a 14 month clinical-based internship at Northwestern Memorial Hospital where students receive instruction and experience in nuclear medicine technology or radiation therapy procedures and equipment operation.

The course descriptions for each program reflect the upper-level courses taken during the clinical-based internship at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.  Students interested in either of these health science affiliated programs should contact Marguerite Degenhardt, the Pre-Professional Health Program Coordinator, at 630-637-5999 or via email at