North Central College - Naperville, IL

Recently Performed Literature

Symphony for Band, Persichetti
Radetzky March, Strauss
Carmina Burana, Orff/Krance
Galilean Moons, Cichy
Chimes of Liberty, Goldman
Folk Dances, Shostakovich
Ghost Train, Whitacre
Concertino da Camera, Ibert/Zajac
Dixieland Jam, Lowden
Stars and Stripes, Sousa
Rocky Point Holiday, Nelson
Glory Of The Yankee Navy, Sousa
Fanfare And Allegro, Williams
Trittico, Nelhybel
America The Beautiful, Arr. Barker
Gloriosa, Ito
Funeral Music, Grieg/De Meij
Variations on a Shaker Melody, Copland
Yankee Doodlin’, Parker
Of Sailors and Whales, McBeth
The U.S. field Artillery March, Sousa
National Emblem, Bagley
Three Japanese Dances, Roger
Jig, Holst
Festive Overture, Shostakovich
Incantation and Dance , Chance
Billboard March, Klohr
Suite France, Milhaud
Apocalyptic Dreams, Gillingham
Wedding Dance, Press
Intercollegiate March, Ives
Choral and Shaker Dance, Zedlick
Satiric Dances, Norman Delo Joio
Concertino for Marimba, Creston
New Wine in Old Bottles, Jacob
Washington Post March, Sousa
English Folk Song Suite, Vaughan Williams
Armenian Dances II, Reed
Africa: Ceremony, song and Ritual, Smith
Pineapple Poll, Sullivan
Semper Fidelis, Sousa
Slava, Bernstein
Year of the Dragon, Sparke

Lawrence G. Van Oyen Associate Professor of Music; Director of Bands

"North Central College performing ensembles have a tradition of excellence that results from learning music in a collaborative environment. Conductor and performers work together to develop technique, artistry, and understanding."