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Originally created to keep track of sheep or compute the taxes due on a tract of land, mathematics has evolved into one of the most beautiful expressions of the human spirit.

You probably know that mathematics is essential for work in physics, chemistry and computer science. Did you know it’s also used in business, psychology and sociology? In fact, the North Central College mathematics faculty have wide-ranging interests and make majors available in

  • Pure mathematics
  • Applied mathematics
  • Actuarial science

Whether you qualify as a mathematical "tourist," a major, or somewhere in between, we’ll help you find the right coursework in mathematics to be sure you have the tools to be successful. We offer a wide range of courses, each designed for a specific audience, and course credit for scores of 3 or higher on the Advanced Placement Calculus Exams (AB or BC).

We know that not all students find math as much fun and as intertesting as we do.  We also know that many students will need mathematics to succeed in their chosen profession.  We're committed to making sure that all students in each of our classes are successful in learning the mathematics they need to know for their chosen careers.

As a mathematics major, you’ll develop an increasingly sophisticated understanding of both theoretical and applied mathematics.

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Keep up with department activities by clicking on Math News!  Have a question about mathematics at North Central College? Contact Dr. David Schmitz or call him at 630 637 5232.

The Math Faculty Want You to Succeed

Satyan Devadoss '93 is an associate professor of mathematics at Williams College in Williamstown, MA, where he has taught courses in computational geometry, geometric group theory and knot theory since 2002. His research has ranged from particle collisions and polyhedra in mathematics to origami design and cartography in computer science, to manufacturing and modeling in studio art. His work has appeared in a number of academic journals, and was recently awarded the Henry L. Alder Award for Distinguished Teaching by the Mathematical Association of America for extraordinarily successful teaching that is shown to have influence beyond the classroom.