North Central College - Naperville, IL

Student Opportunities

Students at North Central College have the most diverse and significant opportunities in the country to learn and practice conflict resolution.

The Dispute Resolution Center is the place to begin your career in conflict resolution, your path to law school or graduate studies in psychology or your effort learn the skills all successful business people must possess. Opportunities available to North Central students outside the classroom are described in detail at the Dispute Resolution Center site.
The LEV program works with professional in student life to provide programs and training in the residence halls for students seeking to sharpen their leadership abilities. LEV also provides programs for students in the residence halls on ethics and leadership issues.
LEV routinely sponsors campus speakers to raise issues of leadership for the campus and community. In Interim 2004 and 2005, LEV 290, "The Practice of Leadership," features speakers and community visits that bring students into conversation and reflection with prominent public officials, leaders in the professions, and social advocates. 
On-campus preceptorships offer unique opportunities to gain experience in leadership in the classroom. Students who have recently taken an undergraduate course at NCC are selected by the instructor to help facilitate the teaching of that course.
Internships from a variety of departments offer opportunities for exploration of leadership and ethics issues in the workplace.