North Central College - Naperville, IL

Social Change Leadership Minor


21 Credit Hours

Intended for students motivated by a desire to change public policy, students will learn the fundamentals necessary to persuasively advocate for local, national, and/or global communities with the ultimate goal of shaping a policy and practice through leadership and activism. 


For this minor you will need the following courses:

Required Courses:
LEV 121 Contemporary Issues in Leadership
LEV 301 Social Change in Servant Leadership
LEV 495 Applied Leadership
SOA 375 Protest and Change

Ethical Analysis (choose one for 3 credit hours):
PHL 110 Ethics
PHL 210 Professional Ethics
REL 115 Christian Ethics

Sociology/Psychology Courses (choose one for 3 credit hours):
SOA 380 Social Class in American Society
SOC 280 Racial and Ethnic Minorities
SOA 190 Urban Problems
SOC 210 Gender Studies (Same as GWS 210)
SOC 203 Community Studies
PSY 330 Community Psychology

Writing and/or Communication (choose one for 3 credit hours):
LEV 230 Conflict Resolution
ENG 462 Writing for Social Change
SPC 285 Argumentation and Debate
SPC 367 Persuasion Theories