North Central College - Naperville, IL

Program and Degree Options

Academically, "LEV" stands for Leadership, Ethics and Values. The LEV minors are compromised of courses from several different academic fields, including Business, Sociology, Speech Communication, Philosophy and Religion. The LEV concentrations focus credit hours in either Leadership or Ethics.

In a more general sense, LEV is a program of interdisciplinary courses and significant co-curricular activities designed to help students develop and examine their own leadership and ethical capabilities within a framework of values. For any field of study, an LEV minor or concentration can be paired with your major degree.

If you are considering an LEV Minor or Concentration or have general questions about the curricular and co-curricular options in the Leadership, Ethics and Values program, please email Dr. Abigaile VanHorn at or call 630-637-5160.


Leadership Minor
Social Change Leadership Minor
Conflict Resolution Minor

Areas of Concentrations

If you are unable to fit an LEV minor into your already full schedule, consider earning a concentration. There are two areas of concentration, Leadership and Ethics. Each consists of 12 credit hours, a co-curricular application component and a portfolio of their written work. Adding a concentration will give you a competitive edge in the job market or in applying to grad school.

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