North Central College - Naperville, IL

Leadership, Ethics, and Values

In today's environment of questionable ethical practices by many of our business, government or medical leaders it is not surprising that companies and communities are looking to higher education to produce graduates prepared to think critically about such issues and analyze the values those practices are rooted in. At North Central College we offer just the program to help develop those skills and abilities through our Leadership, Ethics and Values Program (LEV).

The Leadership, Ethics and Values Program gives students a chance to learn how values relate to ethics, to one's leadership and ultimately to the world around you. By taking one of our minors or concentrations your future resume or graduate school application will truly stand out. These minors and concentrations can be combined in a variety of ways to enhance your major area of study.

The LEV minors and concentrations draw upon the overall liberal arts education embraced at North Central College to put the study of leadership and ethics into action. Academic and Co-Curricular opportunities allow students to gain practical training to help students develop as a campus leader and community contributor, now and in the future.

Opportunities include:

Leadership Minor
Conflict Resolution Minor
Social Change Leadership Minor
Leadership Concentration
Ethics Concentration
Various Student Opportunities