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Leadership Concentration

Requirements for the Leadership Concentration come in three areas: coursework, co-curricular application and a written portfolio. In most cases, the courses taken to satisfy the requirements for the concentration will also satisfy general education requirements. Students must maintain a 'B' average in the courses taken to acquire the concentration.

For the Leadership Concentration you will need 12 credit hours from the following:

Required Courses (6 credit hours):
LEV 121 Contemporary Issues in Leadership
LEV 390 Seminar on Leadership Theory (LEV ACR)

Two additional upper level courses (could be Religion and Ethics or Intercultural ACR) that include significant and justifiable leadership, ethics or values content.  Courses must be approved by the LEV minors and concentrations advisor.

One Application:  Approved applied experience (previous experiences have included serving as a resident assistant or student mentor, internships, independent study research, etc.).  Contact the minors/concentrations advisor for approval. 

For students who began the concentration prior to Fall 2013

Completion of Written Portfolio: All of the following must be completed.

  • Written response to two "leadership designated" cultural events not to exceed 2 pages each.
  • Evidence of participation in two annual leadership concentration colloquia. College Scholars may participate in two honors colloquia when approved by the Director of Leadership, Ethics & values Program.
  • Copies of major written work submitted in all leadership concentration required course.
  • A concluding/capstone personal statement not to exceed 3 pages.
  • A resume.
  • Completion of all requirements for either a North Central College BS or BA degree.

For Students who begin the concentration Fall 2013 or later

Leadership Portfolio (online)

Using an online platform of your choosing (suggested tools are google documents blog tool or wordpress), students are required to complete a leadership portfolio that includes an introductory statement, several written reflections, copies of written work and a professional resume’.  For an example of an online portfolio click here.

Click here to declare a concentration in Leadership.

The Leadership Concentration Advising Sheet, attached to the bottom of this web-page in .pdf format, will provide an overview of the concentration requirements.  This sheet can be used by students to help track their progress or by advisors to assist students as they track their progress.

For questions please contact 

Greg Jackson '09

Leadership Concentraion

Through the Leadership Concentration at North Central College I've learned that it's important to gain all the knowledge and experience in your field that you can so you can be a resource to help others reach their goals.

As a Sports Management major I hope my leadership skills will help athletes take a stance on tough ethical issues facing them. I hope my leadership will have a positive affect on those I manage, the same way teachers and coaches here have had on me.