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Leadership Ethics and Values Courses

NOTE: This page contains all of the regular course descriptions for this discipline or program. Academic credit for each course is noted in parenthesis after the course title. Prerequisites (if any) and the general education requirements, both Core and All-College Requirements (ACRs), which each course fulfills (if any) are noted following each course description. Not all courses are offered every year. Check Merlin, our searchable course schedule, to see which courses are being offered in upcoming terms.

LEV 121 Issues in Leadership (3.00)
An examination of leadership needs in American communities, corporations, and political life. Studies of several leaders who have met diverse challenges form the basis of developing a normative perspective on leadership in our society. Core: Social Science.

LEV 230 Conflict Resolution (3.00)
An inquiry into the theories and skills relating to the resolution of conflict in the community and the workplace. A variety of approaches are used to understand and analyze issues and develop skills including lecture/discussion, negotiation exercises, and simulated mediations. The course focuses on developing the ability to practice as a mediator. Core: Communication or Social Science.

LEV 240 Leadership and Culture (3.00)
This course provides an overview of the basic elements of leadership with emphasis on recognizing cultural variety and developing effective leadership approaches suited for cross cultural contexts. The course provides a basic overview of leadership definition, types of leadership, and leadership traits. Then it explores leadership across cultures in terms of: leadership theories, communication, motivation, exploration of non-Western cultures, and effective leadership approaches.

LEV 250 NCC Preceptor (1.00-2.00)
Students who have recently taken an undergraduate course at NCC are selected by the instructor to help facilitate the teaching of that course in the following term. Preceptors attend the class lectures of their precepted class, lead discussion/problem sessions, and participate in weekly seminars with other preceptors to reflect on their teaching and leadership experience. This course may be taken for credit twice. Instructor consent required.

LEV 301 Social Change and Servant Leadership (3.00)
Students will explore servant and social change models of leadership and develop a rich understanding of various modes of social change. Students will examine case studies, study leadership in social movements, and investigate leadership in various stages of social change. They will examine the values of leaders, and reflect upon individual responsibility and possible leadership roles that address social justice and servant leadership issues. ACR: Leadership, Ethics, & Values.

LEV 325 Leadership and Place (3.00)
Leadership and Place traces the influence of home towns and home places on contemporary and historical leadership paradigms while considering such ethical questions as: What role does place play in forming a responsible and responsive leader? How does one lead responsibly and well far from home? How and where do rural, urban, and suburban ethical standards and value judgments converge and diverge? Where have the leaders of the past come from and where are they likely to be found in the future? Playing close attention to small communities and neighborhoods as key loci in the production of twentieth-century civic leaders and as ethical centers in a Jeffersonian republic, course texts, lectures, and discussions feature real-life case studies designed to engage students in debates weighing ethical and moral positions viewed through the lens of place. Leadership and Place uniquely encourages students in the s tudy of personal (inside-out) as well as cultural (outside-in) place-based, ethical perspectives while inviting them to consider the foundational role home communities play in ethical leadership on the local, regional, and national level. Same as: USS 325. ACR: Leadership, Ethics, & Values.

LEV 330 Conflict Resolution Clinic (2.00)
An advanced, skills-oriented course focusing on the resolution of actual, rather than simulated conflicts. The course continues the conflict resolution theory and skill development commenced in LEV 230 by applying both to conflicts on the college campus and, eventually, in community courts and businesses. The course continues the LEV 230 focus on developing the ability to practice as a mediator. Repeatable course.

LEV 335 Social Impact Entrepreneurship (3.00)
An introduction to the development, operation and assessment of social impact entrepreneurial enterprises. Students will learn to identify social impact opportunities, venture plan development, creative methods of venture financing, the law and regulation of social entrepreneurship enterprises and impact assessment measures. The ethical, legal and public policy dimensions of operating a business that seeks to achieve social impact in addition or as opposed to profit will be considered. ACR: Leadership, Ethics, & Values.

LEV 350 Ethnic and Religious Conflict Resolution (3.00)
Considers the ways in which conflict, both domestic and abroad, is created and/or exacerbated as well as resolved by religion and ethnicity. The course draws on the resources of many traditional disciplines in understanding the causes and solutions to ethnic and religious conflict, including political science, law, sociology, and communication theory, as well as the newer field of peace studies. Students consider a range of religious and cultural contexts in which conflict exists or has existed, including, but not limited to, Northern Ireland, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the American Southwest. ACR: Intercultural.

LEV 390 Seminar on Leadership Theory (3.00)
The goal of the seminar is to gain familiarity with the considerations involved in framing a comprehensive theory of leadership with special emphasis upon the connections between leadership, values, and ethics. In independent projects students relate major theories about leadership to the study of specific leader/constituent relationships. ACR: Leadership, Ethics, & Values.

LEV 399 Independent Study (1.00-9.00)
Instructor consent required.

LEV 495 Applied Leadership (3.00)
A structured seminar reflection upon the experience of leadership gained in an approved experiential setting. Students spend approximately 10 to 12 hours per week in their experiential setting. One two-hour class meeting per week.

LEV 497 Internship (0.00-9.00)
Instructor consent required.

LEV 499 Independent Study (1.00-9.00)
Instructor consent required.