North Central College - Naperville, IL

Conflict Resolution Minor

22 Credit Hours

Students entering business or legal fields will benefit from the conflict resolution minor, which focuses on the development of professional skills and familiarization with the emerging field of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). In addition to learning negotiation and mediation skills, students will take on pressing issues in professional ethics, learn how to effectively communicate in the work environment and surrounding community and become familiar with the traditional legal system.

For this minor you will need the following courses:

Required Courses (15 credit hours):
PHIL 210 Professional Ethics
LEV 230 Conflict Resolution
LEV 330 Conflict Resolution Clinic (must take 2x)
LEV 495 Applied Leadership

Analysis Social Systems (choose one for 3 credit hours)
BUS 105 Business Law
SOA 190 Urban Problems

Communication (choose one for 3 credit hours)
SPC 200 Interpersonal Communication
SPC 317 Intercultural Communication
SPC 230 Business and Professional Communication

Interdisciplinary (choose one for 3 credit hours)
PSC 103 Introduction to Law
PSC/PHL 241 Philosophy of Law
LEV 350 Ethnic and Religious Conflict Resolution

Optional Portfolio (not required):  Students pursuing a concentration in leadership are required to do a porfolio.  Although it's not required for the minor, students are welcome to complete a portfolio using the online portfolio guidelines.  Students interested in pursuing this option should schedule a meeting with the minor/concentration advisor.  Note the portfolio guidelines attached are for the concentration in leadership and will be adjusted for the conflict resolution minor.