North Central College - Naperville, IL

5 Year Bachelor & Masters in Leadership

Now at North Central, our undergraduate students in every major can earn a Masters degree in Leadership Studies and a bachelors degree in just 5 years!   
The MLD program allows you to choose concentrations in sports management, professional leadership, higher education or social entrepeneurship. 
So, whether you want to lead in the classroom, on the field, or for a non-profit or for profit corporation, a Masters in Leadership studies will help you get there. In this program, you will study the theories and models of leadership, consider the ethical challenges of leadership, and immerse yourself in concepts related to global leadership, conflict resolution and/or change. You will further your studies with practical courses related to your area of concentration. By the time you complete your studies, you will have completed a leadership project that can create genuine change in your area of interest, and will have learned more about yourself and others in the process.  
It is Almost Risk Free!
There is little risk: if you decide you do not want to pursue the masters degree after 4 years, you can still graduate with your bachelor's degree (and market yourself as someone who has done some post-graduate course work).  But chances are, you will decide to continue on for 1 more year and receive a Masters in Leadership Studies.   


For more information, visit the graduate pages, or contact Professor Tom Cavenagh