North Central College - Naperville, IL


The nation that gave us Pokemon, karate and karaoke is also one of the key players in the new global society. North Central College is one of the few colleges and universities in Illinois to offer a major in Japanese.

Our program aims to develop your proficiency in communication. You’ll find that classroom time flies by! Students also find that a major or minor in Japanese is a great complement to majors in East Asian Studies, Global Studies and many others. Also, don't forget that the Language Resource Center on campus provides access, computerized writing tablets for Japanese characters, and other opportunities to practice your language skills.

Our location near Chicago gives you wonderful access to a wide range of Japan-related opportunities. In addition, we strongly encourage all of our students of Japanese to round out their experience by participating in several exciting study abroad opportunities.

Travel to Japan!

A young Japanese girl in traditional garb poses for a North Central photographer during the 2003 Interim Term International Travel Seminar to Japan and China for students and faculty. We also offer a study abroad program in China and Japan, a 14-week immersion in the cultures of both nations.