North Central College - Naperville, IL

Program and Degree Options

You can major or minor in German at North Central College. A major requires 24 credit hours (usually eight courses) and a minor requires 18 credit hours (usually six courses) with six of these hours at the 300 level.

The elementary (101, 102, 103) and intermediate (201, 202, 203) levels in German must be taken sequentially. At the 300-400 levels, you can choose from a variety of courses.

Our advanced courses (300-400 levels) are electives: you choose from what is offered in a given year. You must complete GER 203 before taking any of the 300-level courses, and two 300-level German courses are required before taking a 400-level German course.

Where do you start?

George Grosz

George Grosz's "Eclipse of the Sun" 1926

Exciting 300- and 400-level Seminars

GER 320  The Weimar Republic: History and Culture
GER 350  German Fillm
GER 325  German Literature:Geschichte und Kultur
GER 370 Berlin: A City in Flux

Berlin Cathedral and Water

Die Berliner Dom (The Berlin Cathedral)