North Central College - Naperville, IL

German Club

The German Club at NCC is an active student organization which promotes the study of German and German culture. The club sponsors weekly events, ranging from conversation hours, German-language film screening, German cookouts on campus, and excursions to places of German interest in Chicago.

German Club Intl Fest 2011

The German Club and Mayor Pradel
Pictured are Darian Peterson, Naperville's Mayor Pradel, Alexander George, Louis Waldmeir, (first row) and Dr. Gregory Wolf  (second row)

North Central College hosted its 15th Annual International Festival on Feb. 13, 2011, offering the community an opportunity to become immersed in a variety of cultures from across the globe. The German Club got involved providing information about Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, participating in a language immersion room, and directing an arts and crafts project for the kids. 

Ernst Kirchner, "Group of Artists." Die Brücke. 1926-7

An excellent example of German Expressionism and the kinds of artworks students discuss in clutural context in German courses at NCC.


German Club Officers

Nora Wessels, President
Jeff Cisowski, Vice President
Ally Pawelczyk, Treasurer