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Student Opportunities

We offer extra-curricular and international activities that will enrich your French language education

Sur le campus. At North Central we know you want opportunities to use your French in real-life situations. Le Cercle français (French club) meets weekly to sponsor activities related to French themes. In conjunction with our courses, we schedule occasional trips to take advantage of French-related sites in the Chicago area. Additionally, the presence of French-speaking international students provides you with almost daily opportunities to use your French on campus.

2008 France Wide Louvre

A l’étranger. Every year there are options to travel abroad and earn credit for North Central while studying in French-speaking environments. For instance, we send several students on our exchange program to Angers, France, where they study side-by-side with French students at a French university. It’s a great way to perfect your abilities in French, experience French culture, and meet new friends. In recent years we have also sent students to study in Sénégal, in West Africa.

A quick, short-term way to experience French or francophone culture is to participate in one of the travel/study programs offered during D-Term. These are short, focused courses led by French professors to allow you to develop your understanding of cultural topics on site. Recent trips have gone to France and to Morocco! Venez avec nous!


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